Hawkins county humane society

P.o. box 217 5180 highway 11w
Rogersville, TN 37857
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Really sad...

    by: PetWear

    What is there to say? It's unfortunate that anyone would go to the trouble of establishing a shelter and then do this poor of a job.


    MAYBE some animals get a good home cause they are on Petfinder?; on a fairly busy road so people know about them


    Petfinder is never updated apparently, staff is a bit scary, facilities are horrible, little to no effort to provide vet care, spay/neuter

  • 2. More than scary...

    by: DigitalDog

    This is too scary for words. This is a very closed group. They effectively run off anyone who wants to help and realizes that things need to be improved. Former President (may be current as well) has a puppy mill producing and advertising as many as 8-10 breeds at a time. Apparently does dog brokering as well (buys and sells entire litters to sell locally). Some questions that some of the purebreds that arrived at the shelter would be taken into the puppymill to serve as breeders (rumor - I don't have it as fact but I'd believe it). Volunteers are not utilized to do any real fundraising or education in the community. No screening of adoptive pet (although the shelter manager has been known to decline people based on her gut) homes or home visits. They don't seem to understand that the puppy/kitten they 'adopt' out intact today is entirely likely to come back with a litter in the future. Shelter manager (at least as of 2007) would regularly call 'friends' when a purebred came in telling them to come get it because they wanted purebreds (again questions arose whether they were ever properly spayed/neutered). Tennessee requires an adopter pay $25 deposit toward getting the pet spayed/neutered. Once the paperwork was provided to the shelter showing the dog/cat were altered, the adopter got the deposit back. Funds not claimed could be kept and used by the Humane Society toward 'education'. It's remarkable how broad a range of activities can be called education and this group makes use of that to their advantage as well. I would have given it a 0 rating but zootoo wouldn't let me.


    easy to get a pet


    no screening process at all, release intact animals, no enforcement of spay/neuter (they keep the deposit and spend it on whatever they want), very ignorant and self righteous, no vaccination of pets, lots of disease, former President is a puppymill