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Honolulu, HI 96826
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  • 1. Not perfect, but not bad.

    by: hsf808ruff

    This shelter gets so many dogs turned in everyday that they really do practically push you out the door with any dog you show interest in. However, in talking to the volunteers, you can see why they are desperate to get anyone to take the dogs. The dogs only get 10 days before they are euthanised if no one adopts them. The kennel areas usually have three dogs in each one. Very crowded conditions. I sometimes wish that they would make more kennels instead of having the dog park there. \n\nAlmost 70 percent of the dogs at any given time are pit bull or part pit bull. There are also many purebreeds there too. Usually dalmatians or german shepherds. I guess these all started off as cute puppies and then turned into big dogs.\n\nThe dog park is very shady but the only problem is that is gets very muddy when it rains. Another smaller problem is that no one monitors the park, so small dog owners need to beware. On the opening weekend, a dog was killed in a fight in the water. The shelter made sure to keep this hush-hush.\n\nAll in all, I think they do the best they can with the resources they have. It's really hard because as in everywhere else, there are a lot of irresponsible dog owners in Hawaii.


    Conveniently located in town


    Not no-kill - so I guess it's a kill facility

  • 2. This place maintains the records of all microchips in Hawaii

    by: RainieA

    I made a comment to the other review when I actually meant to write a review. \n\nI got one of my GSDs from this shelter. Allie as we have named her, was skinny with ribs showing, and her fur was shaved except for her tail and face. I could tell she was mostly GSD by her face, as her undercoat was all black. She was aloof, as all GSDs are, yet friendly. She was and still remains on the smaller side. I believe she was either a runt, or possibly part Malinois. I have had Allie for about four years now, and she was full grown when we got her. \n\nWe have trained her and she even got an ILP from the AKC. So I have entered her in rally trials, which she did great so far and has one leg left in the novice class. She seemed to be trained in basic commands, and also is very eager to please. I think she remembers where we got her, and she doesn't want to go there again.\n\nShe has eating issues, is very picky and eats carefully and neatly, almost too neatly. Sometimes she just won't eat, especially if something is upsetting her, like fireworks. Canned, chunks in gravy, dry, homemade, she is still picky about all of them.\n\nThe Hawaiian Humane Society is located near the University of Hawaii Manoa campus. There are two parking areas, one in front that has about 10 stalls, and another in the back by the dog park, which has about 12 stalls or so. This shelter maintains all the records for animals microchipped in Hawaii.\n\nThe shelter has a main entrance area and lots of benches to sit on. There are two dog kennel areas, one is for the dogs waiting to be adopted, and the other is in the back. The adoption kennels are fenced in chain link, and many of them have the beds that are off the ground in the back of the kennels. The floor is concrete and there are channels for the waste to run off. The water is controlled by pipes that go to each kennel's water bowl, which is a metal bowl in a cement block. The dog kennels are next to each other only separated by one chainlink fence. This is better as they can see each other. If you happen to visit when a dog is being taken out or put back, it really gets noisy. It almost is like prison where the other inmates are yelling at the dog that is out. Most of the dogs have a card and tag with a number that gives you some information about the animal. You need to get the number and take it to the front area in order to see if the animal is available. Then you can get acquainted. When the dogs get really riled up, there is a bucket of water in the walkway area with a bowl, I think they just throw water on the dogs that are making the most trouble.\n\nThere is also a separate puppy area that is off to the side of the cat house. This puppy area has benches and a low chain link fence. Behind the cat house and the puppy area are several acquaintance areas, that are fenced in. These areas are where you can take a prospective animal you want to adopt and interact with it in a safely enclosed area that is large enough for everyone to feel comfortable.\n\nThere are many volunteers, mostly high school age kids that are fulfilling their private school requirement. They mostly take the dogs out.\n\nThe dog park is adjacent to the acquaintance area. It is quite large, and there are trees, benches, and mostly dirt. There is also a small waterfall and pool area. Some dogs like to jump in there and cool off. I noticed that the labs seem to really love it. There are some pathways with various ferns in the dog park, which is pleasant. There are baggies and trash cans for waste disposal. This park is good for apartment dwellers as it gives you pet a chance to be loose and run around. There are some dogs that are bossy, so you need to always watch. There have been dogfights in all the dog parks in Hawaii, and at least one dog death at each as well. All in all, you need to really be careful and pay attention to what your dog is doing, and how other dogs are reacting to your dog.\n\nThe shelter also takes in birds and rabbits and other small animals which are kept in front near the front desk area.\n\nThere is a bathroom for visitors, and around the area are visual boards that educate visitors about proper care, and things like not leaving your dog in the car.\n\nWhen we got Allie, she was really skinny. The shelter doesn't allow adoption without spaying or neutering the animal, as a way of trying to control the number of strays. So we had to wait a couple of days before we could take her home. The shelter also has a walk-in vet care area, which is outside the main entrance and to the right, the same area where you can drop off an animal, or drop off a pet that died at home. The line gets long, and you can get treatment here, but you have to wait. Allie's spay incision got infected as she kept licking it, so we had to get antibiotics from there to get it to heal.\n\nThis shelter also offers microchipping of your pet. I think it is like ten bucks, or if you wait, there is a month in which you can get it free. They can also spay or neuter your pet too, which is quite reasonable and sometimes free, depending on the month you go. \n\nThis shelter also has various fundraiser events which helps raise money, one of which is the Petwalk. They also used to to a Fantasies in Chocolate. I believe they still do pictures with Santa and your pet and family, something for Easter, Pet Expo in which you can take your pet (if it's is friendly) and also an annual calendar which you can submit pictures with a donation in hopes that they select your pet for a month. They include all the pictures they get in the calendar, so it's worth it. You can also get the calendar for I think 10 bucks.\n\nThis shelter really tries to do a lot. Sadly, it is not a no-kill shelter, and the animals that aren't adopted out are humanely euthanized. There are many purebreds that can be found here as well, the best time is April since that is when all the xmas puppies are given away because they grew up and are no longer cute little puppies anymore. I have to say that with training, consistency, a positive attitude, and proper care, any dog can still be trained. Allie is one example of that. \n\nI personally find that every time I visit, most of the dogs are part pit-bull. I have to wonder why that is. Even a pit bull can be a great pet. Temperament is just one aspect of how a dog can be. \n\nI am glad that I have rescued Allie from this shelter. She is a good dog and completely non-destructive. I wondered why she was there, and the people told me that she was turned in my her second owners because she didn't get along with their cats. Her first owner was contacted when Allie was brought in, but she only called them back NINE days after they called her. We were lucky to visit on the 8th day, and the shelter decided to give her to us, even though the first owner wanted her back. They said she had given up her right of ownership when she gave the dog to the people with the cats.\n\nOverall I have to say this shelter is pretty good. The customer service, sometimes it seems like they are busy or ignoring you, but you just need to get in their face and get it done. The volunteer kids aren't very knowledgeable, but the adults are. Ask questions and they will answer.\n\n\n\n


    Clean, has a dog park, areas to get acquainted, etc.


    Not that much parking, staff seems indifferent sometimes

  • 3. Where I got my dog, Cece

    by: JennaP

    Although the lady who actually filled out the paperwork for Cece to go home with us was nice, I wish she had been more thorough. Hawaiian Humane's website made it seem like adopting an animal from them was a daunting task, when in fact they practically pushed us out the door with our dog.\r\nCece was heartworm positive, but with the Max Fund we were able to have her treated for free. It took me almost 2 weeks for someone to call me back about being accepted to use the Max Fund, which was part of the agreement and "selling points" when we adopted her. It was my first time adopting a dog from a shelter, and I wish someone would have come up to us, vs. the strange man at the front desk making us feel stupid.\r\nAll in all, I do not regret going, because Cece has been a blessing in my life.


    Very clean, island-like atmosphere, have the Max Fund, are a pit-bull friendly shelter