Hart Road Animal Hospital

16400 S W Hart Road #D
Beaverton, OR 97007

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Nice Vet

    by: langsford

    We use this as our secondary Vet. We have always had good service there, they do not over medicate which is something I like.


    Close by, good Vet- knowledgeble staff


    hard to get in

  • 2. VERY Good Vets for your Pet!

    by: zimamaxx

    Hart Rd. Animal Hospital is such an attentive Vet service! They patiently helped me through the difficult process of finding out what was wrong with my 2yr old Female Tabby (gallstones - rare for a 2 year old) by process of elimination and several visits. They let me know the various tests that could be performed, which were more informative, more expensive, or just more sensible in regards to my cat's symptoms as well as my wallet. I knew completely what was going on with my cat at all times, and they came in early on surgery day to make sure everything went smoothly. I would HIGHLY reccomend this Vet for all veterinary needs - even the routine checkups. They also have an interactive website where I can look up my cat's health records at any time, and see when she's due for her next check-up. VERY helpful!!!


    Everyone I ask there knows at least about the products, if not also about the services being performed on my pet!


    Not open on Sunday