Harrison memorial animal hospital

191 yuma st.
Denver, CO 80223

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  • 1. WOW! A place of miracle workers!

    by: ChristineG

    Wow, I'm not sure where to begin. I guess the beginning would be a good place, which was a long time ago.\r\n\r\nI first started going to Harrison Memorial back in 2001, when I had just J.B. and Buttons. They were fantastic back then and still continue to be today. I first went there because they had and still have a program that based upon your income dictates how much your services cost.\r\n\r\nThen regretably I left Harrison Memorial in 2004 when I started to work for my families veterinarian at what was then Planned Pethood Plus, Central. While working there I acquired Roo, Roxi, Smokey, Capone and a number of other rescues who have since found forever homes. Roo came to me on death's door and through the grace of God is still with me today, almost four (4) years later. Although she was treated well at my families veterinarian she was unfortunately mis-diagnosed. After a falling out with my employer, I decided to return to Harrison Memorial as my "kids" needed regular veterinary care. I regret ever having left!\r\n\r\nI returned to Harrison Memorial in April of 2007. During my "kids'" annual exams it was found that Roo had a heart murmur. This was discovered by a wonderful Doctor named Dr. Amy Weeden. This was discovered within the first 15 minutes of her appointment. Dr. Weeden then recommended bringing in a cardiologist who did an ECG/EKG and Roo was diagnosed with a five-part heart defect. Roo now sees a cardiologist at CSU on a monthly basis. Without Dr. Weeden, Roo would have continued to be mis-diagnosed and mis-medicated. I find this to be the most amazing thing about Harrison Memorial because Roo was a dog who saw her veterinarian on a monthly basis and had been mis-diagnosed as having a seizure disorder and was medicated for such since she was three (3) months old. At the time that Roo met Dr. Weeden she was almost three (3) years old. Because of Dr. Weeden, Roo is still alive and hopefully will be for many years to come.\r\n\r\nThe compassion that the staff at Harrison Memorial shows to both their patients and clients is amazing. They take the time to not only get to know you but your "kids" as well. And unfortunately when the time comes that you have to make the decision to let one of your "kids" go, as I had to do in November 2007 with Buttons, they are there for you every step of the way. They even make an imprint of your beloved pets paw on a ceramic disk that you bake, so that you will always have them with you.\r\n\r\nThank you to ALL of the staff at Harrison Memorial but especially to Dr. Weeden and Christie!





  • 2. Caring

    by: ColoradoBB

    I met folks from this hospital at a fundraiser. Not many know of them, but they are an amazing group of people. Kind hearted and knowledgeable. They've done some great rescues and have saved many an animals life. If you have a few spare pennies, this is a good place to donate to.


    amazingly warm hearted


    not many know of them

  • 3. Afffordable

    by: Kimdenver

    I personally have never used Harrison. But I appreciate that I can tell people about Harrison, because they offer low-cost spaying and services. I wish more vets would offer affordable care, because maybe less animals would end up in shelters or being euthanized, if people could afford their care.


    offers afforable care