Harlan county animal shelter

394 hwy 840
Harlan, KY 40806

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Sounds strange to me

    by: lissamarfin

    I came to adopt a dog and picked a dog. The man said to come the next day because he wasn't sure what was aviable.\r\nI came the next day and was told that every dog was adopted and was being picked up that day. There were over 50 dogs. It sounded strange that every dog had a home.I looked up on the internet and read that they gas all the dogs once a month. I don't know if it was true,but it made me sad thinking how unlikely EVERY dog got adopted in one day.\r\nAlso they were hosing out the kennels and every dog was all wet.


    I liked that if you adopt a pet THEY take it in to make sure it gets fixed


    They gas dogs instead of giving them a shot

  • 2. The Animal Shelter

    by: Mike79

    This shelter seems to be doing everything they can do to help the animals of Harlan Co.


    Trying to help the strays in Harlan Co.


    Needs more help

  • 3. Its a great thing they are doing for the animals

    by: elizabethweather33

    I have only been to the shelter once and that was to look for a cat that I had lost. The workers really seemed to care for my needs and were kind and respectful. Even though I couldn't find my cat they took down my name, number, and the description of the cat so that if one came in that looked like her they could let me know. \r\n\r\n They are also doing are great job in caring for the animals that are brought in and are doing a good job with finding homes for the animals. The shelter is clean however it does need a makeover not only to improve the community but mostly to make sure the animals are sure to get good homes and are in the best environment until those homes are provided. \r\n\r\n


    The Harlan County Animal Shelter has a staff that is very helpful and caring


    Needs a makeover big time

  • 4. trying to educate

    by: anniefox1

    The Harlan County Shelter has improved tremendously in the last 6 monthes. The staff is working hard, without having the equipment, supplies, and staff to do all that needs to be done. \r\n\r\nThe shelter is working with rescue organizations to help as many animals as possible to find homes. We do not have the economy to sustain spay and neuter programs for animals that find their way to the shelter. To many beautiful and healthy animals are having to be "put down" because of overcrowding.


    Staff trying to rescue as many pets as possible


    not enough equipment or supplies to clean animals, & cages.

  • 5. Our Animals

    by: Jen22

    The people at our shelter are really trying to help find homes for all the homeless animals in our Co. \r\nThey just need a little more help and support from the area.


    They really try to help find homes


    Too many animals not enough homes