Hardin county animal control

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Elizabethtown, KY 42701
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. pets!

    by: delaney1995

    We have gotten two pets at this shelter. A labrador and a kitten (not sure what breed). When we got there, the shelter was not very clean at all and the staff were just rude. You could tell that they just wanted us to pick an animal and get out. But other than that, our lab was very sweet and we could tell that she had had a good family. The staff said she was given to the pound because the family were moving into an apartment and couldnt keep her, but anyways, she was a little bit skinny and very scared because of all the craziness with all the other dogs, but other than that, she was GREAT with all the kids and other pets. When we got her home, she got along, she got attached to us, and since then, we have had her for 8 years, she has been the BEST dog we have EVER had. Our cat in the other hand, she was very skinny when we got her, but she was a kitten so...yeah. But she didnt ever get used to the potty training. She was a very crazy cat and she would always mess everything up and was ALWAYS running. She would bite everyone and scratch everyone which got very annoying. We ended up having to give her away, she was just too much and she was stressing out everyone.





  • 2. Hardin Co Animal Control review

    by: pahj5

    Prior to picking up our newly adopted boxer, Katie, I had read all of these reviews for HCAC. I was a little leary about what we would find once we got to their facility. I'm glad to say that the facility was clean, outside and inside (at least the main office area was clean). Did not have any animal odor at all nor was there any perfumy-smell to attempt to cover up any odor. The only smell that I did smell was bleach and that came from the side door when an employee exited the office into the kennel area. Their petfinder sites says it's $15 to adopt puppies, kitties and this fee includes their s/n. No mention of an additional cost for their vaccinations. Total fee for adoption was $30...still a very very reasonable fee. The staff...only one person was friendly. The others seemed stressed, frazzled, inpatient or just plain hateful. Maybe this was because it was a friday and it was 4:20pm and they were ready to go home. I don't think this is the case though. Prior to leaving to pick Katie up (we drove 2 hrs one way to get her) I had sent an email to them talking about the reviews i had read and asked a few more questions and asked to get another photo of Katie. I just now got their reply (which was sent friday, just after i had already left to get katie) ....this is the reply i received..."Who’s doing the reviews? We have several people get upset with us because they don’t get approved for certain dogs, or they have to wait longer than they want, so they lash out at us. We are a county government facility, so our resources are limited. We don’t have the supplies, equipment, or money to do heartworm testing. We are NOT a veterinarian’s office; we are a stray animal holding facility. We don’t have a choice in the animals we get—people get animals they can’t take care of, or won’t take care of, and they bring them to us; they let them loose and we have to go out and pick them up. We don’t know anything about the health or temperament of ANY animal here and can’t guarantee anything like that with them. The possibility of mange is there; but it’s not from here. If she has mange it would be there before she’s brought in here. We DO NOT adopt dogs out if it’s obvious they have a physical or attitudal problem. Mange is obvious. I understand if you don’t want to still adopt her; just please let me know. Like I said before to you, we’ve done as much as we can with our available resources here. We advise anyone adopting an animal from here to take it to a veterinarian’s office for a thorough checkup." I would say maybe the employees attitudes are because they aren't getting enough funding (stress)and should probably require a higher fee for the adoption. God knows s/n fees are certainly higher than $15. I would recommend this facility based on my experience. As of now, Katie, is doing well. Besides being extremely thin and having her ears mutilated by the previous owners, she seems to be your typical happy, loving boxer. she will go to the vet thursday to get a checkup. we'll see what happens!


    Inexpensive, clean, s/n program


    petfinder site not accurate on fees, staff

  • 3. terrible staff!

    by: ztT4MP68350120

    I called the center to report a lost dog that I had spotted. First, they didn't even know the county limits, and that Tioga Falls lies within Hardin County. Second, they weren't willing to go out and get the dog.


    answered phone


    little to no care for animals

  • 4. Needs more community involvement and better funding

    by: njsawyer

    I have been to this shelter selveral times to drop off treats for the dogs. Everytime I go, they have the cats all out of the cages just running around. Not that it is a bad thing to allow a cat some free time, but some of them are not that healthy an with this happening just allows the sickness to remain affecting all the cats. \r\nThe shelter it's self is not a building that is setup will to house the dogs and cats they have. \r\nI personally think that if some of the community got more involved in the care and concern for these animals things might start to look up for the ones that are housed at this facility. \r\nAt times the staff doesn't have alot of knowlegde of this animals and the needs for them, but if we all pull together, it might very well make it a perfect place for these animals while they are waiting for the perfect family to love them for life. They all deserve that.


    open adoptions


    cats run all over the place

  • 5. Needs Help

    by: pleathem

    I adopted a wonderful flat-coated retriever mix from Hardin County Animal Control. The staff was cordial enough, but there was no energy, no friendliness -- and I don't blame them. The shelter is dark, dirty, depressing and understaffed. Hardin County is growing in leaps and bounds, but it seems none of the money is going to one of the places that needs it most -- the innocent animals of Hardin County. Perhaps the staff would like to do more, but they don't have the funds or the support. It's a very, very sad situation, and it's the innocent animals who must suffer and pay for it.


    I adopted a wonderful dog from them.


    Poor facility; unmotivated staff; they need money

  • 6. decient facility~

    by: fsems08

    I went to this shelter a couple of times with my fiance. We pulled several dogs to bring back to our shelter to adopt out. The staff was very friendly and was very happy for us to take the dogs. They seemed overwhelmed with the animals but also dedicated to taking care of them. I know that this shelter has come a long way over the years.


    a good size shelter


    not much community support