Harbor humane society

14345 bagley street
West olive, MI 49460
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Great Shelter

    by: rivard

    I only wish more people would volunteer here to get the dogs out even more. Great shelter and staff. Always taking in animals and trying to rehabilitate and work with them so they will make great pets in the home.


    Great heart


    Small capacity and need for more volunteers

  • 2. Nice Shelter

    by: klfowler

    This is a very nice Humane Society. I have only heard good things about them - I only wish they were a no-kill humane society. They care for the animals nicely and have caring volunteers and staff.


    nice building


    they do euthanize

  • 3. We work Hard at HHS

    by: GeminiSnape

    Well of cource I am not going to give us a bad review, unless we deserved it which we dont. the staff at HHS works hard every day to keep our animals healthy and happy. We try and make every animal presentible for adoption, even the funny looking animals. Our goal is to see every animal that comes in, leave with a loving family. Though we may get atatched to the animals we hope to never see them again, and sometimes that is not the case. We will continue working hard fo rour four legged friends, or three if you are Trinity or Hopper.


    We have a great staff who is there to help every animal that comes through our doors.


    Some times, wait most of the time, stess runs high and we dont work at 110%