Happy endings no kill animal shelter

5349 forest home avenue Po box 070898
Milwaukee, WI 53220

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  • 1. Go to the Humane Society

    by: hllyw81

    When I looked into purchasing a cat/ kitten I came across this shelter. I thought it would be awesome to buy a cat for my family from a place like this, so we went to check out what they had. So my 3 year old and I went, found a cat that we liked and filled out the application. About 2 days later I got a call from one of the volunteers telling me that they don't want one of there cats to be adopted by us because I have a 3 year old. They said my son was too loud, and it wouldn't be a good "environment" for the cat to come and live in. Obviously my son didn't treat the establishment like it was a library-he was 3 and LOVES animals, just because he was saying " Awe, kitties" that was too rambunctious for there taste. Sorry to say, but I would much rather have an animal living with a 3 year old then in a place that looked and smelled like it does in there. I am happy to say we have 2 cats now, no thanks to this shelter, and they are cared for better than any other animals I know. I guess I took that call as a shot to my parenting. I obviously supervise my child and know he would NEVER hurt or mistreat our pets. So if you have any children, tell them to be mute when they go into this shelter, or just avoid the place completely.




    Smells horrific, rude people and bogus approval process

  • 2. It is the bomb!!~

    by: sassy12

    I got the best cat from there. It is awesome that they are not kiling inisent animals!! LOVE IT ??????





  • 3. Great people, great rescue.

    by: chrissie2151

    I adopted a cat from them a long time ago. The people that helped us were great. They took the time to do a home visit before approving the adoption and I think that is very important. I would recommend them to anyone in the Milwaukee area that wants to save a cats life.


    Volunteer ran organization



  • 4. A great place - a no kill pet center

    by: klfowler

    This must be a great place and it is run solely by volunteers. \r\n\r\nThe web page states: "Happy Endings is a non-profit, no kill organization that has been in existence since 1994. It is run solely by volunteers. Our mission is to find permanent homes for strays, abused or unwanted animals that are either brought in to us or rescued off the street. Happy Endings provides a safe haven for feral, stray, abused, neglected and or critically injured animals. We nurse those who are sick back to health and provide a home for all animals until they are ready to be adopted. "\r\n\r\nAny shelter that can stay afloat this long and still run by volunteers has my admiration!!! \r\n\r\nGood job Happy Endings!!!\r\n\r\n


    A place with Happy Endings!


    More pets than a shelter can hold