Guy Robert E Dr Dvm

2008 Harris Drive
Oxford, MS 38655

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Heart of Gold

    by: SamanthaKay

    Dr. Redding truly cares about animals. He is always available, day or night, to help an ailing animal. He helped us save a puppy that was near death with parvo. He also saved Malikai, one of our cats, when he developed crystals that were blocking his urinary track. Malikai is a huge Maine Coon cat that is so lovable and laid back. We are very grateful to the Animal Clinic of Oxford for saving his life and the puppy's life. May God bless you and yours.


    Sincerely loves and cares about animals


    slow checkout

  • 2. Guy Robert E Dr Evm-Animal Clinic of Oxford

    by: ShannonKnight

    I have taken my pets to Dr. Guy for 30 years. The first time we visited him he treated my cats as is they were children. He is so soft-spoken, kind, and gentle. He explained thoroughly medical problems that my cats were having and the treatment they would need. When my 20 year old cat was dying he stayed late at the office with me until I made up my mind as to what needed to be done. I have always had the utmost confidence in Dr. Guy and his staff. We boarded our cats with Dr. Guy's clinic one time for a period of 18 days and they were just fine when we picked them up. It is wonderful to be able to leave your pets without worry and anxiety. Even though Dr. Guy has retired he continues helping animals at the shelter. Just knowing that Dr. Guy would only choose vets who were devoted to quality care and treatment of animals made me feel confident that his clinic was left in good hands. I have found that everyone on the staff is continuing in Dr. Guy's footsteps.


    Dr. Guy treats my cats as if they are my children. He is very caring and gentle. He explains everything that we need to know about our cats health.


    I have experienced no "cons".

  • 3. Love them

    by: KamikazeKayti

    When my dog had an emergency, the Vets at Oxford clinic called me back very quickly and met me within 20 minutes. They took very good care of Sugar. The staff was frindly and fast. The servce was fantastic and I would reccoment them highly!


    friendly staff, very quick and clean


    long distance from my home

  • 4. Absolutely the best

    by: Ayuun

    I have used Dr Guy's services since he opened in Oxford. I am sorry that he retired but the new vets have continued on in the same manner.


    fabulous and friendly



  • 5. Love Animal Clinic of Oxford

    by: Suzassippi

    Dr. Guy and the other doctors in the clinic are superb. While Dr. Guy retired last year and they brought in a new associate (whom we also love) all the doctors here are knowledgable and very caring. The staff is friendly and efficient. Since they remodeled the clinic, it is really attractive and well-designed. We have used the clinic and Dr. Guy for 6 years and been delighted with every encounter.


    Caring and dedicated staff



  • 6. Dr. Guy - Animal Clinic of Oxford

    by: randoman1

    We have been using ACO since we moved to Mississippi. Dr. Guy was great, but he has retired, and the business is now run by Dr. Redding. My favorite vet at the clinic, though, is Dr. Payne. All 3 are very knowledgeable, but Dr. Payne has Labs, which is what Kate is. They are very friendly and caring, even under the most stressful circumstances.


    Open Saturday morning, 3 vets


    Dr. Guy has retired

  • 7. We loved dr guy

    by: aluecker

    my husband and i used dr. guy when we were in college. he was a wonderful and caring doctor and we were so glad to have him to care for our pets.\r\n\r\nhe even drove to the clinic on a sunday to meet me when one of our cat's kittens was sick and subsequently died. \r\n\r\nwonderful man.


    Sweet, caring doctor