Guilford County Animal Shelter

4525 W Wendover Avenue
Greensboro, NC 27409

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  • 1. Radio Station Support

    by: Gatesy

    i'm trying to promote zootoo the best i can! i have sent some emails to local radio stations, hoping they can help gather support! i have also created a facebook group, "zootoo: help guilford county animal shelter" if you click on the zootoo link on my blog,, we receive points i will post flyers around town too i really want this for our community shelter!


    animals 1st


    facility last

  • 2. Great shelter that needs the money!

    by: osdawaya

    I love the Guilford County Animal Shelter. I've been a volunteer there for about 3 1/2 years. It's a great shelter - they do their best to give every dog adequate time to get adopted (a few months at least, unless the dog becomes seriously ill or develops severe behavior problems) and they're always friendly to customers and volunteers. They have no choice but to take in every dog that's brought to them (by animal control, by police, or by citizens of Guilford County). They take in these animals at any time - even in the middle of the night. If someone calls animal control and animal control brings in a dog, one of the staff (usually the manager, director, or head vet tech) has to be at the shelter to receive the dog (no matter what time of night it is). Everyone who works there is extremely dedicated to the well being of the animals. All that being said, they could really use a makeover. While everything is clean, there isn't much space. The intake kennels are mostly outside (except for the few that are indoors for the smaller dogs in winter). The vet buildings are housed in trailers. There isn't enough money for the shelter to finish the Trauma Center where they'd be able to house/quarantine injured dogs and cats (victims of severe abuse or hit-by-car cases). There is a plan in the works to build a better shelter, but the only thing stopping it is the money they need. A makeover would greatly benefit this shelter, and it would enable them to take in and adopt out more animals.


    The staff is friendly and knowledgable, the shelter is clean (as clean as possible with the hundreds of dogs they house), and the dogs are all well cared for.


    It's a small shelter, and when they're busy (usually every weekend) there is little room to move in the lobby; the outdoor pens (three large out front, two smaller in back, and two small puppy pens specifically for puppies) don't allow for many dogs to get exercised at the same time

  • 3. My thesis: Guilford County Animal Shelter

    by: MCKGATES

    The Guilford County Animal Shelter [GCAS] was the focus of my undergraduate thesis dissertation. With hardworking souls and eager pets, the facility desperately needs attention for healthy living operations. Over the years, the need for animal housing has exhausted the GCAS, causing the facility to sacrifice space/rooms for the sake of animal opportunity. Having to constantly, and quickly, sacrifice space has made employee work performance inefficent and less productive by way of poor circulation, disorganization, and unhealthy sanitation standards. Ultimately, this exhaustian falls on each individual animal, causing dispositional/behavioral stress. Please sign up at to register and help gather enough points to make the top 20 shelters in need--our community needs it, our animals deserve it! The top 20 finalists will continue on through the competition with a chance to win a 1,000,000 makeover!! Top 20 will be narrowed down by site visits [the "worst" will be selected for the deserving top 10] and then America has the final vote! Be sure to invite your friends, upload photos, and/or comment on articles at zootoo's website; for every friend registered/photo uploaded/comment received the GCAS [or shelter/affiliation of your choice] receives a respected amount of points. LET'S DO IT! my thesis blog:


    They definitely put their animals 1st


    The facility is exhausted & unhealthy

  • 4. clean shelter/ PR

    by: muppie

    If I ever had to call the shelter, the staff is very friendly, and seem to want to help in any way they can!!\n\non my last visit, all the kennels, were clean, and the staff ohhhhh how they would help, to have a dog lor kitty adopted, they even new history on the dogs or puppies!! they where very informitive, and they have great PR with the outsiders coming in....


    they are being well taken care of


    that the dogs are even there

  • 5. hopeful shelter

    by: laurenwatts

    overall i like the shelter, but it really needs money to get fixed up and take care of its animals. one down side is that there is no where to walk the animals except a tiny fenced in area in the front of the building. the interaction areas are very small, come the weekend when they are slammed, there is no where to take the animals. they also need somwhere to groom the animals because then they would be so much more adoptable. the staff is nice, but when they are busy its very chaotic, but i am all for a lot of people comming, they just need a bigger shelter.


    it is a great haven for animal voulenteers and animal supporters to get together and make the most of what the shelter has. even though it is very small, there are many animals to choose from.


    the shelter needs more money! they do a great job for the animals, but are very limited on supplies.

  • 6. Knowledgeable Staff

    by: ckyhottie87

    I think the guilford county animal shelter is the best shelter i have seen so far. We hold animals until they are adopted as long as the animals pass our policy so we need more room for them to run around and sleep in. It's horrible that the animals have to stay in those small kennels until they are adopted but it's better than them running around loose or being mistreated. I think that our employees at the shelter care a great deal about the health and wellness of the animals and just want to see them all go to good homes. It's really hard to work at a shelter sometimes but we do the best that we can do.


    We have a great team and dedicated employees


    We can't always keep it as clean as we can and we could use more space for animals

  • 7. great shelter!!!

    by: jctaylor

    guilford county shelter: The staff is very helpfull, I found the facilities very clean, and the staff seems very caring, they are very interested in having there animals adopted.


    caring staff, adoptions


    none at this time

  • 8. Great shelter

    by: stefscott

    this is a great shelter. i have fostered for them in the past and the staff is really helpful. they really love the animals and really do try their best to place them. it's clean all time and all the animals are really well cared for.


    they really love the animals


    sometimes there is a lack of funding