Guernsey county animal shelter

62824 bennett avenue
Cambridge, OH 43725
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. This Pound Kills All Pit Bulls

    by: GrandmaBee

    This pound is located in Guernsey County, where local officials have mandated that 100% of pit bulls and dogs the warden thinks are pitbull mixes (which could be almost anything) at the pound be put down (euthanized, killed) immediately, and they BAN ALL RESCUE of dogs in this category, even to out-of-town organizations that would spay/neuter and rehome them. The County Commissioners should be ashamed of themselves- if they want to be tough guys, they should do it some other way besides killing puppies with the stroke of a pen.


    Due to many delinquent owners, lots of dogs available


    They kill a lot of dogs

  • 2. Working for the animals

    by: lambrhondal

    Although I've never visited your shelter, I know you are trying to help the many furbabies that so need our help. Thank you for your efforts and keep on working for those that are needing our care and concern.


    Saving animals