Grove street veterinary

73 grove st
New canaan, CT 06842

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  • 1. Great Vets!

    by: caeinct

    Dr. Daniel Hochman is Lulu's doc. When Lulu was very ill, he gave us his personal phone numbers (cell & home), scheduled a home visit & offered to pick her up for an over night if she declined further. [He was going to be up most of the night with a post-op dog & would keep an eye on Lulu's progress.] Once, when I was sick with the flu but Lulu needed to be seen by her Doc, the staff said "just drive over, don't get out, we'll come out & get her; you can wait in the car" -- that was great -- I stayed in my "sick clothes", a vet tech came out and carried her into the office, then Lulu was brought back to me with her meds. This is a thoughtful & caring veterinary practice.


    Accessible vets 24/7, friendly staff, caring & thoughtful doctors