Griffy Lake Unofficial Dog Park

Dunn St.
Bloomington, IN 47401

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. "Unofficial" means not goot

    by: mholman

    I have only taken my dogs here three times. The first time (on a dry clear day) was great, but the other two times it was a mud trap plus one of my dogs followed another dog (shame on me for not having him perfectly trained) up the damn and around the corner in to murky smelly water...where he then got stuck. I had to go in and get him.


    A place to take dogs to socialize


    Not fully fenced!

  • 2. Fun place to visit

    by: julmille

    I realize this is an "unofficial" dog park but it would be great if the city would improve the fencing around the area. Typically a good group of dogs there!


    Great socialization for dogs


    Fences lacking

  • 3. Fun but not well fenced in

    by: gedoena

    Each time we have been there there have been a great group of dogs and frinedly owners.\r\n\r\nIf you are thinking of going, wait until your dog is well enough trained to come back to you reliably! The large group of dogs playing generally stays away from the gaps in the fence but you never know...\r\n\r\nThis area seems to have been taken over as a dog park by dog owners but is not an official dog park (though there is a rumor that it may become one). Right now, it appears at first to be completely fenced but actually is not. Not only can dogs access a creak (lots of fun for them but not so fun for parents when they get home) but they can also run out into the woods or out onto the highway.\r\n\r\nApparently dog owners add to the fence themselves. If we go again we may take something to patch up some of the gaps in the fence leading to the road.


    Dogs have a great time


    Not fenced, no-one seems to maintain - unofficial is right

  • 4. Be Careful

    by: shaverst

    Although my dogs enjoy this park, they've picked up fleas there. You're not sure how protected the other dogs are - current shots.


    Dogs to play with


    Can get diseases left by dogs.

  • 5. Lots of Room - Not Great Fences...

    by: kaciejo

    This is not an official dog park, but just off of Dunn Hill Rd on the north side of Bloomington, there is a very busy dog park. My dogs have been there once and had a blast! There is plenty of room to run and even a dammed off creek to swim in. The dogs can explore the forest too. There are paths to walk along the lake as well. Unfortunately, if your dogs are not the best at coming to you when called, this dog park can be dangerous! There is no fence seperating the grassy area or water from the forest, and many dogs run off into the forest and could get lost! My dog also found a hole in the fence and ended up running free along the road! Very scary! We'd love to go back because they had so much fun, but until they learn to listen better or the fence is fixed, we won't be back.


    my pets loved it, room to run, water to swim, forest to explore


    no poo bags, holes and unfenced areas