Greystone Pet Hospital

1650 Campbell Lane
Bowling Green, KY 42104

User Reviews (15)

  • 1. Dr Stevenson knows her stuff. Highly recommended

    by: smittyinsoky

    I was transferred to Bowling Green for my job. One item of stress for me is finding a really competent vet. Bulldogs have very specialized medical issues and need someone who is very competent and knowledgeable. I am very impressed with Dr. Stevenson. She gives off the feeling that she has seen it all and knows what to do. She had a firm grasp of bulldog issues. The hospital has some pretty advanced equipment. They were able to do laser surgery on one of my dogs and his recovery was SOOOOO much easier because of it. Also the clinic is set up to send you reminder emails of appointment and they set up a yearly wellness exam which is really good for catching any brewing problems. I don't really know the other vets in the office, but I give Dr. Stevenson the highest marks. The only problem is that because she is so good, she stays booked. You'll have to make sure to schedule your appointment at least a week in advance. Also, once you are in the clinic, you will spend some time waiting both in the waiting room and in the exam room. For me though, that is not a bad trade-off for excellent care.


    Dr. Stevenson is very knowledgeable, prices are very fair, high tech treatments,very cool online services


    Dr. Stevenson stays booked, so you need an appointment 1 week ahead. Even with an appointment you will wait once you get there

  • 2. Best Vet ever!!

    by: ozmee

    I took one of the other two dogs that we used to have to the Greystone Clinic and she saw Clyde Beggs, DVM. My husband and I both went and we were very impressed with this VET. Never before have we ever met a Vet that so obviously loved animals. He treated our dog as a loving friend, which is how all pets should be treated. We want him every time we go, we definitely know a good thing when we see it. Not just because he was so good with her but he knew immediately what the problem was. Too bad my doctor can't be like that.


    They love animals



  • 3. Great Place to Go

    by: mickeycat

    The staff at Greystone are wonderful people to deal with. They know you by name and ask about your pets when you stop by for food or medicine. They are always there for you.


    Nice People, Very Knowledgeable



  • 4. Great friendly service

    by: haselbw

    I have been taking my pets to Greystone for 7 years and I'm very happy.


    Very nice staff


    Maybe a little expensive, but you get what you pay for.

  • 5. They are the best!

    by: Callalily

    I moved with Betty Stephenson from another practice when she opened Greystone, and I dare her to retire! I have been pleased with every service I have received there -- the medical care and the boarding care. The staff are all competent (the few incompetents over the years haven't stayed!) and friendly. The hospital is clean and well taken care of.


    Personal and friendly service


    Prices are a little high

  • 6. trust no else!

    by: johnnylong09

    we love this place! the staff and drs truly care and love what they do!!! the services are a little on the steep end but its totally worth the extra expense!


    very knowledgable and caring


    over priced

  • 7. Great vet

    by: Hareball

    This is one of the only two AAHA vets in Bowling Green. If you had something serious wrong with your pet, this is a great place! They are a little high for routine procedures.


    One of the most knowledgeable vets



  • 8. Wonderful Staff

    by: Wickland

    My dog Leo loves Dr. Betty. She is one of the best vets in twon. Staff is always nice and helpful. I would recommend Greystone to anyone.





  • 9. I love this place!!

    by: silasbrown

    This is the only vet that puts up with my mean Siamese kitty! He is the sweetest cat at home, but he turns into a wild thing whenever I take him to the vet. A few months ago, my cat was vomiting and I took him to Greystone at 5:00pm on Friday. Dr. Beggs spent a lot of time talking to me about my cat's behaviors and what to do about it. I highly recommend Dr. Beggs and Greystone!


    nice staff, clean facility, cute office mascots!


    a little pricey

  • 10. Late Night Visit

    by: cherma2

    I had to take my dog in for an emergency visit because he kept crying in pain when I moved him or touched his back. I called to see if it was better to wait to come in the morning or come right away. The lady who answered the phone acted as if she could careless if my dog was in pain and did want to have to call her Dr. in. I did end up bring him im at 2:00am the Dr. was very nice and said that it was a sliped disc in his back and told me to take im in to my regular vet the next day to get x-rays. I did and it was not a slip disc but they thought a pulled muscle. He is now better. I was unhappy with the service and feeling like I couldn't bring my pet in when it was an emergency.


    Good enviroment


    Rude Servie

  • 11. Best Vet Around

    by: MaggieBrian

    This is the best vet's office I have found. They treat your pets as if they were their own. They are always friendly and will always be there to help you with any questions you may have no matter what. They treat everyone with respect. Pets included!


    Very Friendly Staff, Pets are well cared for


    haven't found any

  • 12. Loving comfort

    by: ajent12

    Greystone is a great place to take your pet when you want someone you will feel comfortable about and that will love your pet like you do. I used to go to another vet, but had some issues. I let Lillie decide, and she said it was a go. The staff is friendly and there for whatever you're needs are.


    Comfortable, caring staff...very clean


    Haven't found any

  • 13. Understanding and knowledgeable care

    by: angelajones

    I moved to Bowling Green with my three senior pets (two dogs and a rabbit), so finding an excellent vet clinic was a high priority. Because of their many pre-existing medical problems, I also knew I wanted an AAHA-accredited clinic. I am so happy that I took a co-worker's suggestion to call Greystone. From my first call to set up my new client file through the heartbreaking euthanasia of two of those seniors, the staff has been nothing but sympathetic, caring, and knowledgeable.\n\nI have seen all three doctors currently at the clinic, both with my own trio of current dogs and with rescue dogs (and once even at 2:30 am.!), and I have great confidence in them all. With a current and complex situation, I have received a referral to the UT vet hospital. I also appreciate the concern expressed by all the rest of the staff for my pets' health. I know my animals are in good hands with all the folks at Greystone.


    AAHA accredited, caring staff, boarding available


    no Saturday hours

  • 14. This is a good vet facility.

    by: IResQK9sNKy

    The vets and staff at this facility are extremely knowledgeable and do excellent work. They genuinely care about your pet.


    This is a good vet facility.


    A little on the pricey side.

  • 15. Best Vet in Town!

    by: mollykerby

    Greystone is an excellent facilitiy and Betty Stevenson is the best vet in town. She is on the pricey side but if your animal is sick or needs specialized care this is the only place that can help!


    Betty Stevenson is the best there is!