Greymor Kennel

26 Green Valley Road
Eighty Four, PA 15330

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Stay away from this kennel

    by: guitarman28

    My girlfriend and i went to Florida for 5 days and we came back and picked up our dog from greymor kennel. We brought her home and notice she was walking very stiff on her right hind leg. We noticed a 2-3 day old abrasion on her that appeared to be a bite mark. When we called greymor they cussed my girlffriend out and wouldn't admit that anything happened to our dog there and said never to bring our dog back there. Our dog is a 6 month old 8 1/2 lb. italian greyhound that can't defend herself! She also cost $1,000! She was a victim of a dog attack and we had to take her to the vet on xmas eve and pay $50.00 which we hope to get reimbursed. I would stay away from this kennel if i were YOU! They weren't responsible for the safety of our dog at all! They acted like they didn't even care and they have a dog running loose in there that snapped at our dog twice and we think that dog may have bit our dog. We'll never take that dog back there ever again!!!


    clean and affordable


    they let dogs run loose and bite other dogs

  • 2. Greymor is MORE

    by: FrGeorge

    Reservations are a must. This definitely says a lot for this kennel.\r\n I have confidence in the staff and I know that my pet is being cared for well. The staff definitely has a love for animals.\r\nThank you.


    Relatively new facility great place


    Reservations are a must.

  • 3. The only kennel my dogs have been in

    by: LBC

    Some families have been taking their dogs their for over 10 years...They have yearly advance reservations. That speaks volumes to me. I have dropped in unannounced and have seen them walking multiple dogs on the trails and through the woods. That walking is NOT an extra fee, it is just the way they take great care of the dogs.


    Care! clean, walk the dogs 5 times a day!


    small and they may not have room for you.

  • 4. Nice place in the country

    by: jeansexauer

    I really liked this kennel when I visited I was just not happy with the size and the fact that the dogs stayed in all day except for their walks. They do take them on long walks and the staff was very nice but my dogs are used to having a bit more freedom of going out and running more. I have a couple of very active girls and I think they need more exercise. I think this kennel would be great for less active dogs and maybe smaller in size then mine.


    very clean and nice staff


    dogs are inside most of the time