Greylock animal hospital inc

1028 state road
North Adams, MA 1247
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  • 1. Great Place for your pets

    by: Roguesqdldr

    When I first went to Greylock, my opinion was mixed. I saw different doctors and I wasn't overly impressed with all of them. Also, the receptionist was a bit rude a few times. However, after tiring of driving 45 minutes to the vet, I gave them a second chance. boy am I glade I did. \n\nNow the people are very friendly. They remember me and my pets or are very good at record keeping and faking it. Either way, makes me happy. They have assisted me through two very difficult procedures with my elderly cat. Both times, they did the research and recommended a specialist for me and were great at following up and asking how she was recovering and communicated really well with the specialists to keep up on follow up care.\n\nI have also rescued two strays. They are the best, BAR NONE, when it comes to strays. They have set up a stray fund and the care of these strays comes out of that fund. They onlly ask that you make a donation to the fund and they will care for the animal. both time I declined the use of the fund and offered to pay out of pocket. I was only charged the cost of the medications and procedures. I wasn't charged for any services or office visits. One time this even included a 10 day quarantine with no charge for boarding. Really fantastic. When one of those strays contracted cancer, I have never seen a better bedside manner when the Dr informed me it was time to start thinking about letting her go. After she went, I received a beautiful card from them, personalized speaking about the pet. Kudos.\n\nLastly, I have found them far more reasonably priced then any of the other vets I have visited in the berkshires when it comes to food, meds, office visit charges, etc. \n\nI have moved now so that it takes me 45 minutes to get to them and I am stil going. I will never change.


    Willing to do research. not afraid to look for second opinions


    Not all Drs are as great as mine