Greyhound adoption service, inc.

16 jak-len drive
Salisbury, MA 19520
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  • 1. Go Greyhound! Homes!

    by: DawnG01

    Greyhound Adoption Service (GAS) is run totally by volunteers. \n\nThe Greyhounds come from the dog racing track. Saved from cruelty and death. Greyhounds that can no longer compete. Young Greyhounds are also at GAS for adoption. *Thousands of Greyhound puppies are bred each year. *Thousands of puppies are destroyed when they do not show dog-racing quality.\n\nThank YOU GAS!\n\nThey have published a book, "Goodbye Jake," based on a true story. A portion of proceeds goes to GAS.\n\n\n\nIn Massachusetts, Nov. 4, 2008, please vote "YES" on Ballot Question #3: "Greyhound Protection Act."\n\nIt will ban the cruel and inhumane "sport" of dog racing in Massachusetts by 2010.\n\n\n


    Much needed Greyhound shelter



  • 2. Thank you for the job you do!

    by: thebillpayer

    I too love these wonderful creatures. I had a friend adopt one....very loving family dog, but did need daily doses of extra exercise. Good luck to you. I would be glad for a day when racing stops and you can close your doors.


    Needed rescue


    Too bad it's needed