Greiner Ken Dvm

1210 Us Highway 79 East
Elbow Lake, MN 56531

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  • 1. Wish this guy was in Oklahoma!

    by: goldiebabe

    I am really disappointed I cannot find a veterinarian like Dr. Greiner in Oklahoma. I used to live in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, and he took great care of my horses for the few years I used him as my equine vet. Also, I had to bring three horses into his clinics in Elbow Lake and Crosby and he and his staff took excellent care of them for me!\n\nI will never forget Dr. Greiner's generosity and I really look up to him for his expertise and quality vet skills. He is the one who got me so interested in the vet field! \n\nHe also has WONDERFUL facilities and keeps up with the new equipment as better equipment is introduced to veterinarians. \n\nI really appreciate this wonderful man.


    Experienced in the vet field, easy to work with, cares about his clients, quality job, fair