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Green lake, WI 54941
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User Reviews (24)

  • 1. Awesome place to adopt!!!!

    by: nanauvak

    I had been looking for a kitten to fill the whole of our beloved cat we lost to old age 5 months ago. I just happened to find one on the Green Lake animal shelter site that looked just like our past kitty. I allied online immediatly and got a quick response from the staff. A week later we have our kitty and she is wonderful. Not only did they have her fixed but she was also mirco chipped! they sent her along with an entire bag of food ,not to mention her shots were well on thier way. The facility was clean and it felt more like a home then a shelter. Thank you so much for our new addition to our family. I would recommend this shelter to anyone looking for a furry friend!


    Great service caring staff


    its not in my town

  • 2. A Shelter in Need

    by: slkxmkf

    Janine and staff at GLAAS are fantastic ! A shelter makeover could not go to a more deserving organization.


    Dedicated and caring staff


    Facilities need help

  • 3. green lake animal shelter's efforts applauded!

    by: tygra

    the green lake shelter enabled us to adopt an adorable pomperian! they conducted the adoption in a very perfessional manner and kept the best interest of the animal foremost in mind!! The shelter has made great strides in caring for dogs that endured neglect and abuse from puppy mills. I commend the shelter for their commitment in educating the general public about animal welfare.


    caring deciated staff and volunteers


    small building needs more space

  • 4. Help us please!!

    by: schloogie3077

    Green Lake Area Amimal Shelter needs a make-over. The facility is small and outdated. There is not enough room for the dogs to get proper exercise and there is no decent place to walk the dogs. They always have so many cats and there is not room for all of their cages. The office is small and crowded; two people cannot work in there at the same time. \r\n\r\nThe staff and voluteers at the shelter are outstanding in how they care about the animals there. The place is kept clean and the animals are lovingly cared for. I have to highly commend the people who work there for doing such a good job under the conditions they have to work with. A make-over would greatly benefit our community and the animals as well.


    Caring staff...very clean


    Place is so small and outdated

  • 5. Help this shelter get a new Home!!

    by: sdetterbeck

    This is a great shelter committed to helping animals. Help them get the space they need!


    Great Place



  • 6. A Needy Shelter with Small Funds

    by: MsFuzzybuns

    The staff here is amazing! The manager herself talked me through months of cat "anxiety" problems via phone. She is extremely knowledgable in feline behavioral problems!! I can't say enough about GLAAS' dedication to their animals & clients.


    The shelter manager (Janine) is TRULY CONCERNED about the welfare of the animals.


    They could do so much more if they had a larger place.

  • 7. Awesome Service

    by: pdeike

    Thanks Janine for a wonderful Christmas Kitten. I've throughly enjoyed every minute of Samii since I got her last year.\r\nYour service and hospitality was exceptional


    Janine Was so kind as to be available Christmas Day for a surprise Christmas Kitten given to me


    None to speak of

  • 8. Adopt a pet here!

    by: bobbolew67

    Green Lake Area Animal Shelter is simply wonderful. The people there are very caring and so helpful. We went in search of a female black lab and that's what we got! Oh, it wasn't as easy as it sounds. I fell in love with a little chocolate lab puppy but he turned out to have hip problems - which the shelter made sure I was aware of before I adopted him. After careful consideration and several more visits I was encouraged to look at a little female black lab who had recently arrived and was surrendered because she barked too much. Long story short, we did adopt her and we love her. The shelter made sure that I made the choice that was right for me because ultimately that choice is the right one for the animal. It was a difficult decision but the staff at Green Lake Area Animal Shelter presented all of the options to me and worked with me to help me make the decision.\r\n\r\nThe shelter needs to expand. The animals there are certainly well cared for. The cages are clean and comfortable. The "visiting" area is very small and of course multi-purpose. There is a small area outside for visiting with a chosen animal as well but that needs to be expanded. \r\n\r\nI am positive that I will get any future pets from this facility and have recommended it to friends and family. \r\n\r\nThe cats are caged but comfortable and clean.\r\n\r\nThe shelter's adoption policies are fair and thurough. They work very hard to see that their animals are placed in good homes. Trouble is - there are always too many animals for the space they have.\r\n\r\nVisit this shelter. Get to know the people running it and the volunteers. You'll want to get your next pet from them too.


    Professional, caring, easy to work with


    Needs more room.

  • 9. Thank you

    by: kschmitz129

    I surrendered my dog to GLAAS for personal reasons and they were very caring. I cried and cried but the took their time and listened to me. I haven't been back because my dog is still there and I can't bear to see him there. \r\nSince our family doesn't have time to care for an animal we have decided to make monthly donations to the shelter. \r\nI hope you consider adopting a pet from GLAAS.\r\nThanks for letting me ramble on. I still miss my dog and will always remember him.


    Very Caring


    Rather small

  • 10. Wrong Shelter!

    by: glaas

    Please remember to assign your points to the GREEN LAKE AREA ANIMAL SHELTER, not this shelter name! We didn't sign this name up, and we're not sure how it got on here.\r\nWe appreciate your votes, but make sure we will actually benefit from your hard work and support!\r\nThanks!


    Thanks for trying!


    Wasn't our mistake!

  • 11. Helping those who can't help themselves

    by: appasherman

    Though I've not had the opportunity to visit this shelter, I have written them and invited them to aid me in the taining of a mobility service dog in return for assissting with fund raising. I'm hoping the answer will be yes, neither of us I believe has ever taken uinder this\ntask but maybe we can muddle through. The dog I've been following since he arrived is a sDobe/ Standard Poodle cross, I've been aware of him since he was a puppy at the puppymill. Green Lake had several of the breeding pairs plus a couple of the puppies dumped into their care and they have done a wonderful job of finding most of them homes, guess that proves that the care.


    Caring about finding homes


    Questionable access

  • 12. Don't judge a book by it's cover

    by: Krazykat

    Since we found Kayla at GLAAS, i'v told people nothing but great things about this shelter, the staff has been nothing but nice to us, caring about there animals, and trying to give the best homes to pet lovers in the area, this place is in much need of a makeover, but never judge a book by it's cover, you will find nothing but caring and love for animals at GLAAS


    very nice caring people who care about the animals who are in need, and will do anything to give good homes to there cats and dogs


    really the only thing is there in need of a makeover

  • 13. I Love GLAAS

    by: TikaDoo

    I first encountered GLAAS in the summer of 06 and haven't been able to stay away! I've adopted all of my animals there, and would never go anywhere else. The staff is always friendly, the building is very clean, and the animals are the sweetest! You can tell they all work very hard to keep things going and love what they do. The care they give the animals is impecable, and you can tell by the animals' demeanor. It truely is a great place and this makeover could change the entire shelter's well being!


    They're a great bunch!


    I wish it was bigger!

  • 14. The most wonderful place ever!!

    by: Thunder

    The Green Lake Area Animal Shelter is GREAT. They many wonderful Pets just waiting for you to take them home. The People there are very Friendly and LOVE what they do and you call tell. The way they care for the animals is just remarkable, The way they can tell you everything they know about the pet you are looking at and if they think it is a good match for you.


    Very CLEAN and NICE workers



  • 15. Hard working in education and adoption

    by: catladyintheattic

    I can not tell you how impressed I have always been with the Green Lake Area Animal Shelter. They are a small group, compared to the larger shelters in the Fox Valley, but they are headed by one of the most knowledgable women in the area of pet ownership I have ever met. The shelter is very small and could use a huge makeover. The size of the shelter does not detract from the size of their heart. Janine and the entire crew obviously love and want the best for the hundreds of dogs and cats that come through their doors.


    Knowledgable staff


    size of shelter

  • 16. max

    by: maxi78

    Because of the Green Lake Area Animal Shelter i took in max and I am forever in debt, thank you





  • 17. Super Manager

    by: Boriscat

    Janine is the best thing that ever happened to GLAAS. She and her staff have done a wonderful job in turning negatives into positives. Congradulations all!!!!


    The Manager and her staff are top notch!


    More people to adopt cats and dogs.

  • 18. GLAAS

    by: mkc07

    We had a good experience with the GLAAS when we adopted a dog from them a couple of years ago. They have a clean enviroment for all of the dogs and cats that they have. You can tell the staff loves what they are doing. They have lots of hugs and kisses for all the animals in the shelter. I hope they win one of the prizes!\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n


    Staff is very helpful


    Space is limited

  • 19. Small town shelter with a big heart

    by: bernieandmissy

    This is a wonderful shelter that prides itself on working with potential adopters to find the perfect animal for your lifestyle. GLAAS staff will also help community members work through behavior problems people may be having with their pets. The employees work long hours with little pay to make sure your animal shelter is a pleasing environment. Whenever you go in to visit potential adoptees, you enter into a very clean and pleasant building.\r\nOften confused with animal control, GLAAS is a non-profit organization that has an open admission policy. In most cases, they will take any cat or dog, no matter what their condition may be. Because of this, their funds are stretched to the limit and they rely heavily on community support. Please support this shelter either with a donation of supplies or money or stop by to find the love of your life!


    friendly and knowledgable staff, very clean shelter!


    could use a bigger facility

  • 20. Great things for humans and animals

    by: kkraynek

    The Green Lake Area Animal Shelter has done a great job in the community to educate and promote responsible pet ownership. They really deserve a makeover.


    dedicated staff and board


    in need of a better facility

  • 21. Love GLAAS

    by: Pumpkin0131

    I adpoted a wonderful German Shepard that I just love. I am so happy to have the post-adoption assistance & information I have received.


    Great support after adoption!


    Needs better facility - not welcoming enviroment

  • 22. Animals

    by: ztT4MP89348864

    The people at Green Lake Animal Shelter are really nice. They care about their animals. They do whatever they can to help and take care of the animals. They do fund raisers, and their annual dog walk.


    People are wonderful and nice. They care about the animals.


    Not a lot of space for the animals.

  • 23. Excellent place of opportunity

    by: bribana

    I don't know where to begin. This shelter has staff that really knows their information on animals. They have been so helpful with tips and ideas for some questions I had regarding my pets. \r\n\r\n3 years ago we adopted our dog Abby from this shelter. I don't know what we have done them. We love our dog so much. She was an excellent addition to our household. We joke about how if we ever got another dog it would have to be the same as her. But I don't think we could ever find her again unless GLAAS found her siblings. \r\n\r\n What an awesome experience. Love the new (well she has been here a while now) director. The animals are so blessed to have her there to help them. And she has done wonderful things for this shelter! Thanks Janine!\r\n\r\nExcellent adventures to be found here!


    Staff is very knowledgable.


    Not a very populated commmunity

  • 24. Super Shelter

    by: sydneyr

    \r\nSince I found my Pieter there, who is the light of my life, I can't say enough good things about the shelter and its people.


    Have great animals


    none I can think of