Green county humane society

1500 6th avenue P.o. box 54
Monroe, WI 53566
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Couldn't be happier with my dog

    by: PKL6

    I adopted my puppy in August 2008, and I could not be happier. I had access to all areas of the shelter and with as many animals as they're caring for, I was impressed with the cleanliness. The volunteers and staff were helpful in answering any questions I had, and put up with me being there a couple of hours a day with my puppy until I could take her home. They were probably glad to see me go! haha They're doing the best they can with what they have and that's enough for me. I really hope they're able to move forward with their plans for a new and improved shelter, they truly deserve it.


    They care about where their animals are going


    They don't have nearly enough support

  • 2. Adopable Pets

    by: jthor54

    We adopted two dogs this past year. One in April 08 and just adopted another around Thanksgiving. We lost our Cocker Spaniel to cancer in early November so that is why we went back to them this thanksgiving and adopted another dog. They have brought a lot of joy to us in our time of sorrow. The shelter has growing pains but i believe they are very sincere in all they are doing to help out the dogs and cats they have for adoption.


    Staff is very helpfull


    always willing to help

  • 3. Love this shelter

    by: katpurrrz

    Saw a dog on its Web site and fell in love. She was healthy and has been a wonderful addition to my family. I love that the Web site provides more information about the animal than just breed and age. They want to be sure they make good, lifetime matches.


    Thorough selection process for adoptions


    Didn't get to see other animals or where kept

  • 4. Small but caring

    by: Suecat

    The Green Country Humane Society is experiencing a rebirth after several years of poor management by the Board of Directors. \r\nWe are trying to become more businesslike while maintaining our promise to our mission, to provide the best care possible to the animals in our care.\r\nWe are small and at present, are bulging at the seams with beautiful adoptable cats and dogs.\r\nWe are a no-kill shelter in a rural county so our outreach is limited. \r\nWe were transporting animals to a pet store in a larger city in the next county but an upheaval in the present board has put that temporarily on hold. \r\nA group of business leaders is helping us begin the process of a capital campaign to raise funds for a new building, but soon residents in our community be asked to contribute to another fundraising effort to spruce up the downtown area. We will be competing for those funds.\r\nIf you could see our puny building you would understand when I say we are doing the best be can with what we have. The staff and volunteers allow the animals out of their cages and kennels for as long as possible, but there is little space for them to run.\r\nThe staff is knowledgable, and friendly, and we have a small group of dedicated volunteers.


    Everyone cares about the animals welfare


    Needs more room