Green Acres Animal Hospital

2060 Niagara Falls Boulevard
Tonawanda, NY 14150

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Vets

    by: DeborahGarth

    I take my cat to this vet and they always make me feel comfortable with the diagnosis and exams


    Very personable staff



  • 2. Just want your money

    by: debrak

    I used this vet office for 3 years. One vet would stand as far away from my dog and cat as possible. Would only touch the animal when neccessary. The estimate for neutering my dog was $389! A well recommended vet did it for $90 and all went fine. I then adopted a cat from the SPCA. Because I picked the cat up at Petsmart I was not told to watch for respertory infection. Green acres also did not tell me about this during the cats first visit. The cat became very sick, Green acres gave me a $900 estimate to cure her. Told me my cat would die if I didn't do what they suggested. I called the SPCA. One antibiotic shot and drops to use at home and she recovered. Definetly not a $900 bill. I now use Pine woods where they like to touch and pet animals. Their services are resonably priced with no scare tactics.


    convenient location


    lack of interest pets, money