Greater hillsdale humane society

3881 s tripp road
Osseo, MI 49266
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  • 1. Great Place GREAT NEED!

    by: BasenjiMom

    The Greater Hillsdale Humane Society in Osseo, MI is the only shelter in a very rural area in southern Michigan. In the spring of 2006 we were looking for a senior beagle to adopt and found our Ruby Roo there. The animals are very well cared for, but they are way overcrowded. The shelter was designed to hold around 45 animals, but when we were there she had over 100! The woman who runs it, Rene, is truly an angel. It is basically her and a few volunteers. She doesn't euthanize any adoptable animal, so they are housed in a conglomeration of runs, cages of various sizes and even kennel cabs. Many are stacked on top of each other and the overflow is in the shelter's garage/storage room. Several are doubled up in cages and runs. Being a rural area, many of the dogs are heartworm positive, and she treats many, many of them, as many as she can scrape and beg for money to treat. Our Ruby Roo is a heartworm survivor. None of the runs are indoor/outdoor, so all of the dogs must be individually taken outside a couple of times a day, where they are put on tie-outs for a time to potty and get some fresh air. You can imagine how much work that is for the handful of volunteers they have!\r\n \r\nI honestly can't imagine any shelter being more in need or more deserving than GHHS. Because of the community it serves, it is much harder for them to raise money, but Rene somehow manages and helps as many animals as she can. They deserve the shelter makeover so they can expand, better house the animals, and more efficiently, and continue to do the wonderful work they do in a community that desperately needs it.


    Wonderful place


    Nothing but NEED