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User Reviews (10)

  • 1. Lifesavers

    by: LainaK

    For the second time in a year, I had to rush my dog to the clinic for an emergency. Both times, the techs and the vet were wonderful. They all assured me that there was no permanent damage and eased my mind by taking xrays to show me. They handled my baby with care and consideration of his injuries, took prompt care of him, and gave me explicit instructions on how to make him feel better. I am fortunate to live a mere 10 minutes away from this clinic and commend everyone who works here. Thank you for the care you've given my boy both times.


    Caring, compassionate, and professional


    none at all

  • 2. A good experience on a sad occasion

    by: bruce1

    It must come down to the particular vet on duty. Ours was Rita Gritzmacher. She was honest but sensitive at a difficult time for us. There was no attempt to push any costly tests or other procedures. She explained that our dog had lived a long life and given his symptoms, was most likely dying from heart failure. Our dog was in pain, so the decision to put him down was not hard to make, though of course we were sad and emotional. Dr. Gritzmacher explained everything carefully, and gave us several choices of how to proceed. She offered us the opportunity of being there at the end, but we chose not to. One thing Dr. Gritzmacher said seemed particularly sensitive: "We'll be there for you." She wanted us to know that she would act on our behalf. I liked the way she seemed sympathetic but professional. We had some added questions, and Dr. Gritzmacher patiently answered them. I should also mention that the receptionist was very nice, and also sympathetic. It's never cheap to get emergency vet service, but the price was not extraordinary. Based on this limited experience, I would recommend this place.




    cost is in line with others, but never cheap

  • 3. Don't Go Here

    by: massam

    They have a lot to learn in communication skills. When we wanted to talk to the director about a few things that happened with our dog, he could not be bothered to call us back. I would avoid this place and go to the Orchard Park Emergency Clinic.


    None-Find a vet that does his own emergencies, there are a few out there.



  • 4. NEVER again

    by: Unsatisfied

    David Spence I believe was the name of the vet I worked with. I thought all vets were the same and incredibly nice and I'm hoping this review finds other people who feel the same to let them know it is not true. I took my pet in for emergency care on an evening, and the inappropriate, incorrect, and unprofessional assumptions the vet made about me were just deplorable. I am pursuing my Doctorate degree and had people coming over for an end-of-semester get-together, and I looked at the person who came with me and said I didn't know what to do since people were coming to the house and no one was there. I had already been at the vets for 1 hr. The vet felt the need to "lecture" me about the importance of my sick pet, and proceeded to tell me that my social life should take a back seat to her. I was already paying $91 for him to look at her--my pet was already my priority however I did not have the phone number to my friends to call them and let them know the situation. I just didn't know what to do because I needed to be there for my pet. Little did he know that I don't have a social life due to the nature of my program and this was the first time since 10 months ago that I was getting together with them. He further did not know that I took in a mom cat and her 5 babies over the summer, got the babies spayed and neutered on my own finances (that I don't have seeing as though I am a college student) and found them good homes since all of the no-kill shelters were over booked for the summer. Pets are always a priority to me but based on his assumptions from my appearance and age he made these inaccurate assumptions about me. He then proceeds to ask what the relationship was between me and the concerned person that came with me. He was wondering if we were dating, living together, brother and sister, in an attempt to "assess the situation." That was NONE of his business. I was so appauld that I took my cat to another vet the next day. I had to put my cat to sleep, no thanks to him, and I did NOT appreciate anything this doctor did for me. I would suggest if you have a pet that appears to be sick but you are unsure and you are utterly concerned, take them to the Orchard Park Vet on Orchard Park Road rather than this place. I will never go back here. Dealing with the loss of my pet was hard enough--the undue stress this vet added to the situation was completely uncalled for and simply deplorable.




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  • 5. Emergency Vet Service

    by: catsfancynancy

    I have been fortunate enough to have only used this emergency clinic once, when my cat needed to have a catheter for a urine problem, which occured during a holiday weekend. It was worth the price to have my cat feeling comfortable and not having to wait till Monday AM. The staff were quite efficient. Also, my neighbors had to take their cat to the emer. clinic when his diabetes was causing problems which needed immediate care to save his life. Western New York is so fortunate to have this facility in our community. Us pet owners do not have to worry about having medical care availble for our pets, no matter what time or day, the emergency staff will be there for our pets.


    available 24/7


    service fees can be high depending

  • 6. Wow! Prices are outrageous!

    by: jmax

    I recently brought my dog in on a Sunday evening for a toenail that wouldn't stop bleeding. On top of the $90 fee just to walk in the door they charged me a $49 bandaging fee to wrap some vetwrap on the nail after they cut it off! Add to that the $39 prescription that I later found out I could have had filled for about $10 at a pharmacy, and you'll see why it's frustrating.\n\nWhile I understand that emergency care costs more, this was ridiculous!


    Necessary for emergencies


    You'll pay for ridiculous things

  • 7. Buffalo emergency Vet

    by: tomatopi31489

    The atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable and the Vets continually keep you informed. Unfortunately, in the past 4 years I've lost two guinea pigs to esphixiation and a stomache deformaty and both times it was at night, so the exotics vet ended up getting there a little too late. But the staff that was there did everything they could to save them.


    the employees are very nice and supportive


    The exotics on-call vet is far away in night time emergencies

  • 8. great staff

    by: toecramp333

    The emergency clinic on main and kensington has some of the best docs, techs, assistants and support staff in the city.


    great staff



  • 9. Lifesavers!!

    by: hyjinxannie

    They are there when you need them. I had the honor of being employed there for 8 years and worked with many caring, knowledgable doctors, tech and staff. The place is kept spotless.\r\n\r\nSo many people have bad memories of coming here..but they do so when they are very stressed over a loved pet that they don't remember clearly how helpful, knowledgable & caring the staff is. All they remember is being with strange faces in their worse moments. And then they remember the cost. \r\n\r\nThe public forgets that the emergency clinic is a business and had huge overhead for equipment & supplies and salaries of top veterinarians and staff. There is no public funding. \r\n\r\nPeople should consider having pet insurance as it does help a lot financially in emergency situations, or just put away $10/week for "just in case".\r\n\r\nI highly recommend GBVS in your hour of need.


    excellent staff


    expensive..but worth it

  • 10. Awesome place

    by: mwhips

    These guys do a wonderful job. They make you and your pet feel at home. Also, they don't gauge you money-wise. They're very fair.


    Clean, friendly and knowledgable staff