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  • 1. A+ for Great Dog

    by: ehadaller

    Great Dog is such a wonderful place. My parents have very busy lives and a border collie! He was going nuts in the house during the day. Great Dog has been such a blessing for them and their dog.\r\n\r\nEvery dog interested goes in for a try out day where they are graded very tough on their social skills. They are just making sure that all of the dogs will get along as best as possible. It doesn't seem fair that some dogs will be left out but it does give you as the owner piece of mind that your dog will be ok at day care.\r\n\r\nWhen the dogs are there they get to play with their friends and the staff. There are beds and couches for the dogs to take naps. Everything is set up for the dogs in mind. \r\n\r\nThe people that work there love dogs AND people so it is a great experience for both owner and their dog. They are very open about any advice they can give or any tricks they might have to help out you pooch.\r\n\r\nOne great thing that Great Dog offers is an adventure park. This is a way for your dog to get out and run during the day in a safe place. The business owns some land that they take certain dogs to ( the dog has a trial run at this as well) for most of the day. It is like having your own private dog park! This service is great for dogs that really need lots of outdoor playing time. Border Collie Approved!\r\n\r\nAnother service Great Dog offers is over night boarding. There is a staff member at great dog at all times so it is a wonderful alternative to a vet or kennel where the animals are alone for a long period of time. They also get the benefit of the day care to get out and play all day!\r\n\r\nAs you can tell we love Great Dog. We have stuggled to find a business that is doing what they do for the love of the animals. Until we found Great Dog! Go have a visit and see if you enjoy it as much as we do.


    Wonderful Staff, fun shop in front, dog adventure park, report cards.


    Not every dog is allowed into the day care