Grasshoff Veterinary Clinic

6564 Fm 1960 W
Houston, TX 77069

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  • 1. Great, care vet

    by: nmorrisontx

    I first started taking my pets to Dr. Donna Grasshoff when I moved back to Houston in 1999. I had an aging Sheltie at the time and Dr. Grasshoff helped Mia be comfortable in her old age. Dr. Grasshoff went above and beyond what I would normally expect from a vet, including consulting with experts at Texas A&M, her college, for advice for Mia's cancer. Selena and Deb are her primary staff members and they are awesome! I wouldn't take my dogs anywhere else. I used to try to bathe my shelties, but their double coats make that such a chore. Deb baths and brushes them for me regularly and they are prettier than ever! I just can't talk her into clipping my poodle. She says I'd be sorry as she hasn't had training. :-) Selena helps with everything and anything. Not knowing what else to do, I called her one morning when I found a severely injured baby raccoon on my front door step. Although they cannot treat wild animals, she directed me towards someone who could. Their facility is small with only one vet, but this may be a pro, rather than a con. Service is personal, kind and friendly. They have helped me more than they will ever realize over the last ten year and have supported me through many panicked phones calls over pet concerns. They also provided understand, hugs and sympathy when my Dad because ill and died in 2008. I trust Dr. Grasshoff to give my pets the very best care possible. I also consider Dr. Grasshoff, Selena and Deb my friends.


    Knowledgeable, dependable, greatest vet ever


    Small facility