Granny's animal camp

7070 goodway drive
Brooksville, FL 34602
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Good first impression

    by: ganggang

    I have never used Granny's Camp. I was going to once and went to see it. It was clean and Granny seem very loving to the animals that were there and they all seemed very happy. We ended up taking our dog with us on vacation, but if I needed to every board her, I would probably use this one.


    Granny loves the animals



  • 2. BEST KENNEL in the area!

    by: gatorgal46

    We've been taking Sweetie to Granny's for 4 years now after a recomendation from a friend. It was the BEST suggestion we ever received! Sweetie LOVES going to Granny's!! When we pick Sweetie up after a stay at Camp, she is always the same happy and healthy dog we left there. We have never picked up a stressed out Sweetie, as she was at another kennel. This kennel is sooooo CLEAN, you never smell a doggie odor. We also love the way they dogs are kept according to size. Its so nice having the little dogs seperated from the larger ones. The owner is so good with the animals, she talks to them and they all listen.