Grandview Off Leash Dog Park

17900 East Quincy Avenue
Aurora, CO 80015

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Nice Dog Park

    by: doza

    This is a pretty decent dog park. It's nice that there's a large dog area, as well as a small dog area. There's a ton of room to run around, and there's a nice dog agility area, with some tunnels and ramps for the dogs to use. We did notice some dog poop left over in the park and quite a bit on the path to the parking lot. There's a water fountain and a lot of bowls and tennis balls laying around for all the dogs to use. But the park could use some more shade. \n\nAlso, the owners are generally friendly. We did witness a dog being aggressive towards another, and this turned into a bit of drama when the owners started a confrontation. But overall, we haven't really seen any other issues. \n\n


    large fenced-in area, small and large dog areas, friendly people


    some owners leave their dog's poop

  • 2. The dogs are good, people not so much

    by: lrussell

    I've found that the "regulars" at the dog park (the humans) congregate all in one area and can be very outspoken and somewhat mean.\r\n\r\nThe park itself is good if you like mostly dirt for your dogs to run. Works great to wear down toenails! The park is relatively clean with most owners cleaning up after their dogs. I like to walk laps around the perimeter to get exercise while the dogs run and find new friends to play with.\r\n\r\nOverall, it's not too bad of a place to visit.


    Wide open Space


    The "regulars" can be a bit pushy

  • 3. are we there yet?

    by: greathoundhome

    we go there quite a bit and the fence is too short. there are usually some not so nice dogs there and the owners think it is funny. there is also a really nice small dog area and most of the small dog owners dont' use it and it's a little dangerous for the dogs.


    close to my house and it's a large area


    the fence is short and not safe