Governor Animal Clinic

3240 Governor Dr
San Diego, CA 92122

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Makes the vet experience enjoyable

    by: furballmika

    Whenever I take my shiba to the vet, he isn't scared to go. He actually likes going to the vet because of how much attention the staff gives him; he is grinning and melting into the staff members that pet him and give him belly rubs. I feel that the doctors are very thorough with my shiba and they go the extra mile to make sure he is healthy (and if he isn't, they go the extra mile to make sure he gets better quickly). What I absolutely love about this clinic is that if your pet has to be put under anesthesia (like for teeth cleaning), there is a certain area that your pet goes to, where he or she is in view of the staff at all times (so they can easily monitor your pet).


    Animal loving staff, knowledgable staff


    A bit on the pricey side

  • 2. Overpriced

    by: onefierystar

    Although the veterinarian herself was knowledgeable, friendly as can be, and super gentle, I had to take off some points for an unfortunate spaying appointment gone awry. My dog had an ingrown belly button that they had specified should be taken out and they quoted me a price of about $700 for the spay and that procedure. Steep but considerable since it was both procedures. However, the day of the spay came and I received another call that morning after I had already dropped her off for the day that they had forgotten to include the procedure fee for the belly button and the total bill actually came to about $950. By that time I told them to stop everything but they had already given her some sort of anesthetic and my dog was woozy from it when I picked her up. They still charged me $70 for the useless anesthetic although I had no procedure done since I came to pick her up after the phone call. Shouldn't they have let it go since it was their mistake? Anyway, I haven't gone back and have since frequented the Santa Fe Animal Clinic in Encinitas--a farther drive but worth every penny. They quote me everything on paper before they begin anything.


    Veterinarian was great, a lot of knowledge and gentle care


    Everything including the shots are waaay overpriced