Golden Gardens Park

8498 Seaview Pl. Nw
Seattle, WA 98125

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Good park

    by: JaneandBill

    Nice park. It is 2.2 acres and has a small or shy dog area. However, it is mostly made out of wood chips with a few trees scattered hare and there.


    2.2 acres, small dog area,


    few trees, mostly wood chips

  • 2. Nice dog park

    by: djg113

    This is a nice dog park. It's small, and you're pretty much in the middle of a big wood chip area filled with tons of dogs from the get go. It's a great park for a social dog who can't get enough dog/dog interaction. For a more shy or calm/older dog, Warren G. Magnuson Park might be a better choice - it's bigger, and while there's still plenty of dogs there, they tend to be more spread out.


    Dogs seem well-behaved "dog park regulars" for the most part


    Pretty small