Gloucester county animal shelter

1200 north delsea drive
Clayton, NJ 08312
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. not pleased

    by: elhub8

    One of their staff was roaming the neighborhood and he came across my daughter walking our dog. He claimes he witnessed my daughter "visciously" discipline our dog and when he shook his finger at her, he says she gave him the finger. She did not do either. Our dog is trained to stop at every corner and sit with technique learned in dog obedience. What he witnessed was my daughter tapping the dogs rear gently to make him sit. He followed her and her friend home- a block away and told us she gave him the finger when she waved back at him (At the time, she thought he waved). She is now crushed and in her room bawling her eyes out because she says she would never do such a thing, let alone BEAT our dog. I KNOW she would never do that. She loves this dog to death. He scared these girls by following them home like criminals. When my husband answered the door, he told him she stuck her finger up at him and the animal control officer laughed at her as if she was lying, with her standing there. He said she continued to beat the dog on his back. She said she used the technique she was taught. (A quick SHHH for attention and a tap if needed on the rear. I then came to the door and he said it "appeared" that she stuck her finger up at him. It "appeared" the dog was being attacked. My daughter is 10 years old and how dare he crush a childs spirits like that. This animal control officer should be ashamed!




    unfriendly staff

  • 2. Great Shelter

    by: shmook08

    I find that this animal shelter is a wonderful place to go. They care a lot about the animals and do not say that they do not know a question and they will tell us the answer straight out. I love going to this shelter and seeing the animals. The rates for the dogs are very good and they mainly get homes, but the outcome is not the same for the cats. They all do not get homes. This shelter teams up with PetSmart to get a better outcome for their pets and I admire them for that.


    Want the animals to go to wonderful homes


    Can't house very many animals

  • 3. you guys do a fine job

    by: jhutnik

    you guys have tough job down South. You get so many strays and don't have the best of facilities. You have a nice staff and helpful volunteers.\r\nway to go, good luck in ZooToo!


    good job Gloucester county!