Glendora's Pet's Delight

1008 E Route 66
Glendora, CA

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Not your best pet store

    by: petluvr87

    While I know this pet store trys, the just don't try hard enough. While the animals aren't in horrible living conditions the animals also don't seem very well taken care of. The last time I went in to this pet store there was a dead rat all ripped up and bloody in a cage. They had put two males rats together that had been obviously fighting. The birds don't have the proper nutrition, and the water dish for a parrot was very dirty with feces in the water. The people that work her are also never able to tell me the breeders information for the puppies, and I have a feeling they are from puppy mills. The knowledge of the workers (kids) that work there don't know very much about pet care or the animals. Because of this, I prefer to shop at petsmart, they promote adoptions, take great care of the animals they do sell, and I find the workers of petsmart to have great knowledge of pet care and are very ready to help.


    They sometimes take in homeless kittens


    They don't know much about there animals or take great care of them.