Glastonbury animal control

1086 new london tpke rear
Glastonbury , CT 06033

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  • 1. Changed my opinions of pounds

    by: HappyTailsMassage

    I used to have a very poor opinion about pounds in general. I assumed all were just brief stops for the impounded animals before they would be claimed or destroyed within a short time frame. What I learned after meeting the Animal Control officers there is that they work very hard at Glastonbury Animal Control to find the owners, or place the strays, and as long as there is room, they stay until they are placed. Not all can be saved, but at least they are given a fair chance. While they are there, they are treated kindly, given walks, treats, and lots of attention...for some dogs/cats there, it's the most kindness they've ever received. I also learned that they do look for volunteers to help walk the dogs, so if you can help your local pound, you should give them a call.


    They work extremely hard to place the impounded animals


    Not all can be saved