Glamour pet salon & spa

140 bay street suite 5
Jersey city , nj 07302

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. No, thanks

    by: doglover38

    Unless you have a dog with a short low maintenance coat, then this is NOT the place for you. Aside from the rude woman at the front desk, this place is all show and no substance. I have a maltichon with a long fine coat that gets groomed every 3/4 weeks. I love my current groomer but saw this place just opened up around the block from my apartment and thought why not try it out. Big mistake. From the second I walked in there my always friendly dog started freaking out and when the woman at the front desk opened her mouth, I understood why. Rude doesn't begin to cover it. She kept insisting that my dog be shaved because her coat was filled with knots. Yes, she had a few knots from wearing a coat when she is walked in this cold weather but nothing so bad as to warrant a shaving. I've always been warned that many groomers immediately recommend shaving a dog so that they don't have to brush them out. We walked out after 10 minutes and I took her to my regular groomer who was appalled that this place would try to shave such a beautiful coat of hair. Its people who have dogs like mine that you want to service as these types of dogs require more frequent, higher level of up-keep which means more $$$ in your businesses pocket. Since this place is new, maybe they just need to work out a few kinks and address the attitude at the front desk but personally, I'll never go back.


    Nice waiting/reception area



  • 2. Good job!

    by: alebampa

    My wife took Ginger in there for a grooming, and I hear there is a person interested in her now, despite the fact that she is 14 years old!! So, I am greatful, cause that dog deserved to spend her last years in a good home!


    professional and nice