Girard Veterinary Clinic

2806 Girard Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19130

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Dr. Balzer is in it for the Animals, not for the $

    by: lfusfeld

    Love this vet - Dr. Balzer does volunteer work for low cost s/n clinics. And she's one of the few vets in Philly that is rabbit savvy. Most vets charge a TON, but Dr. Balzer's cost is low, which shows me that she cares about the animals, not the money.





  • 2. eh

    by: justwantmoar

    I use this vet but if I had a choice I'd go elsewhere just because of their HUGE attitude problem. I first found this vet through Morris since they were just about the only place to take the voucher for spaying/neutering & not charge 200+ on top of it. The first time was fine but the second time going I noticed they act as if you're crap. You would of thought I abused my dog, ripped off its limbs, and fed it to her. Its hard to keep your mouth shut but when you don't have 1000's of bucks per pet, its worth doing.


    cheap & seem to enjoy pets