Gilbert Animal Hospital

675 N Gilbert Rd #148
Gilbert, AZ 85234

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Do not recommend

    by: babyfishmouth

    It has been a couple years since we have been to Gilbert Animal Hospital, so hopefully things have changed for the better. My biggest complaint is that more than once (at least 3 times) my dog and I have been stuck in the waiting room for at least 1/2 hour. Once you get moved into the exam room, you still have to wait even longer for the vet to come it. We stopped going here because they overbook appointments. The office is old and run down too, so it is not fun waiting in an ugly vet office with your anxious dog and about 8 other dogs and cats. I found the vet techs to be rough and not very caring. I don't ever plan on going back here.


    reasonable prices


    run-down, appointments are overbooked

  • 2. Wonderful

    by: dawgyah

    I have been taking my dogs to GVH for over 10 years. They have always had a knowledgable staff and are wonderful. They are pricey but always offer you many options.


    Easy to get an appointment



  • 3. ER visits

    by: jayjay917

    I have geen to this facility twice with my lab. Once when she would not stop throwing up. They X-rayed her and saw nothing. So they gave her an injection of water and hydrate her and we took her home to give her time. She ended up fine. We were given many other paths to take and we choe the easiest one and it was fine. The second time she got bit and need 2 stiches. They gave them to her and we were on their way. When I find an animal I go there and they are very helpful to look for a microchip. They do it and I go on my way. They are very plesant. They will also answer questions over the phone, like use baby powder to get a nail to stop bleeding when a lab freaks out and jumps while you are cutting her nails.


    Open always



  • 4. Excellent vet care for your pets

    by: FallnRoses

    My family ahs been taking their pets here for more than 15 yrs, myself included. The staff is friendly and focused, and they actually care about your pets, not just profit! =)


    Friendly staff that actually cares about your pets.


    Testing, as usual, can be a little pricey