Georgia veterinary specialists

455 abernathy road ne Albert schweitzer center
Atlanta, Ga 30328

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  • 1. Good Emergency Care, Pricey

    by: LeaAndFrankie

    I was visiting Atlanta from Savannah and our two dogs got into a tiff that resulted in an injury. We weren't sure how serious the bite was and didn't want to take a chance so I looked up local emergency vets. GVS had really great reviews online (some of them had realllllllly awful reviews) so we headed out that way and arrived late in the evening. The techs were very very friendly and kind and reassured us that everything would be taken care of. We waited a long time for the doctor to come in to see us and he kept leaving to "consult" with other patients. When he finally did a proposal with the expected cost, it was outrageously expensive. He wanted to put her under to cut the wound open further to look for more damage and then keep her overnight and do all sorts of tests for liver damage (?) and other unrelated things, for about $900. We told him were from out of town and just wanted to know if we could take her home the next day or if the wound was too severe. At that he completely changed gears and basically said all he needed to do was clean the wound, bandage it, and send us on our way, which is what he did. Two hours later, she was rebandaged and our bill was just under $200. We took her home and visited the local vet the next day who stapled the wound shut and took care of everything for a little over a $100. I can't help but wonder if GVS gouges people because it's an emergency vet and you expect it? All in all, the service was great and all people we met there were friendly and kind. In a pinch, I would recommend GVS, but only for a dire emergency.


    Open 24 Hours, Clean Facility


    Very Pricey, Very Slow