Genesee county animal control

G-4351 west pasadena
Flint, MI 48504

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. This shelter needs our help the most!

    by: lorenzcat

    To the other reviewers of this shelter: your negative comments are the very reason this shelter needs our help to win the makeover. The reason the rabbits are in the lobby is because there is no room! And maybe the staff seems rude because they are overwhelmed with the number of animals they have to care for! Of course they don't have enough volunteers to walk the dogs! Are you there helping out? Well, are you? We need the Genesee County Animal Control for a number of reasons and they could be a respectable shelter and receive better reviews if people would donate their time and/or money instead of sitting at their computer complaining. It is not the animals' faults that they are there and they deserve better. Please help them.


    They are trying to get strays off the street


    No money to properly care for the animals

  • 2. Pity the animals at this place!

    by: SilverMoon

    This shelter is the dog pound. The people are rude on the phone at in person. They keep the animals in cages with no exercise unless a volunteer takes them out for walks or playtime. No help given from the workers when trying to adopt a dog or cat. Incorrect information given and no one seems to know the rules. Compared to other shelters in the area, this one seems to operate like it's sitll in the 1970's.


    Volunteers seem nice


    Rude, uncaring attitude of workers, tiny cages, high prices, no disease testing done.