Gene C Reid Park

1100 South Randolph Way
Tucson, AZ 85716

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. large park

    by: ahcm8384

    I think the city of Tucson has done a great job with this park but their are always so many pit bulls that my dog does not have a lot of fun.


    large area


    too many pitbulls and other agressive dogs

  • 2. Miko's Playground is wonderful!

    by: fisheisley

    Open all week, except for 9am to 12m Thursdays for maintenance. Absolutely wonderful park, my dog and I have made some wonderful friends there-a lot of doggie parents who are passionate about their dogs and the park. Most people are great about cleaning up their doggie messes, and both areas are wonderfully shaded and green. They have people and doggie fountains, people keep the park well stocked with tennis balls, and there are an awful lot of regulars that you will soon get to know! Many people drive from across town to go to Miko's corner. Another great thing is that you can walk your dog to the lakes, streams and through the park to see the ducks and geese after they are tuckered out!


    Big dog and small dog areas, shade, grass, water, trees and plenty of tennis balls!


    muddy areas are trouble for water loving dogs when it rains or after sprinklers are on!

  • 3. this is one of the nicest dogparks in town

    by: nvrstr8

    you know its different the minute you pull up lots of shade and seating the big dog side even has a ramada, Dogs can drink from their own fountain and ther are plenty of balls. the only thing I'd change is bring in more pooper scoopers I don' like using plastic bags.


    Fun Friends water toys and shade what else do you need


    dogs with attitude, not enough pooper scoopers

  • 4. I believe this is Miko's playground

    by: searcy12

    I took my small dogs along with our family for the holiday yesterday. We volunteered to clean. This was my first trip what an excellent dog park. There are ground level fountains for dogs lots of places to sit and watch from and lot's of friends to be made


    lots of shade, water, and fun


    bad puppy parents