Geauga humane society/rescue village

15463 chillicothe rd
Novelty, OH 44022
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Horribly rude and dishonest staff

    by: rhrr

    I had an unbelievably bad experience here. I was looking to adopt a dog, and after I visited with one of the dogs, the shelter staff (all females) asked how I liked him. I said that I really liked the dog, but this was only the first place I had looked. They asked, "Well, do you want to put down a deposit? It's only $10." I said I would only put down the deposit -- but only if it would be refunded, should I end up choosing not to adopt. They said that it would be refunded, so I even wrote these terms of agreement on my check (in the "For" section). I found another dog and promptly (within 2 business days) e-mailed the shelter to let them know. They called me 2 days later and said, "We have no idea where you heard your deposit would be refunded." Unbelievable. I said, "Not only did you tell me it would be, but I also wrote it on my check, which you accepted without argument." They got very nasty with me and ended up saying, "Fine, we'll give you all 10 of your dollars back!" and hung up on me. The next day, I was told they would mail my check back, but only if I first mailed them a stamp! I said okay. The day after that, they called and said they would mail back my check.


    The animals have large, outdoor areas in which to run around.


    The indoor part of the facility smelled horribly of urine, even though no dogs actually live inside.

  • 2. A nice facility that does a lot to help animals.

    by: alexahps

    I haven't personally ever adopted from this shelter as they are quite expensive, but I've made monetary contributions for them as I do feel that do a lot to help animals in Geauga County and beyond. They do a wonderful service to small and large animals alike and I respect what they do and what they stand for. If I were looking to adopt, I would look into their facility again as they do deserve to be commended for all they do.


    Clean facility, nice and knowledgable staff.


    Somewhat pricey for adoptions.

  • 3. Big improvements

    by: crazykat88

    We adopted Jaxon, a fox terrier mix. The staff was helpful and the adoption went smoothly. The facilities were very nice, and Jaxon came to us healthy.


    New facility, great staff



  • 4. Another good local facility.

    by: bdavis

    I mentioned on an earlier review that i volunteered for this facility and spent well over 60 hours helping out wherever i could . They have a really neat all cat zone where the cats have a lot of walk ways and places to lounge. The wooded pathways are a great place for dog walking and great for exercise, both for the dog and the walker!. The animals also get exercise in the large play areas where there are also training exercises that select dogs go through.They have a great health care system where every animal is spaded/nudered and kept really good care of. Overall good facility with great people working there and would highly recommend getting a pet from here.


    A great wooded area for dog walking as well as large play areas. Do not Euthanize unless severe behavioral issues or severely sick.


    The cleanliness isnt always up to par.