Gateway boarding kennels

6909 norwood avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32208
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. A good place to board your pet

    by: sawmillbear

    This is a good place to board your pet and they have both inside and outside kennels for the dogs. If the weather is nice they can be outside and at night come inside. It is both heated and air conditioned. The staff has a good rapport with pets.


    A good price for boarding pets and there is a vet on site.



  • 2. A Clean and safe place to board your dog.

    by: PVCGuy

    I have taken my dogs here for a number of years both for boarding and vet services. Dr. Roy is good with animals and his staff can handel my dog without problems. They have both outdoor and indoor Kennels. On nice days the dog can be outside in fresh air and on hot, cold, or rainy days they can be moved inside and at night. I would recommend them. When I changed once do another boading Kennel that was closer to my home, my dog came back sick and had lost weight. I will continue to take her to Gateway from now on.


    This is staffed by a Vet


    the cost is moderate to expensive