Garden state barkway

131 skyline dr
Ringwood, NJ
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Groomer...ish

    by: gridmonkey13

    I'm sad to say that while the staff are very friendly and helpful, the facility is disgusting. I am willing to travel just to avoid these kinds of conditions.


    Great staff


    Dirty Facility

  • 2. No way

    by: RichardK

    There is no way I would allow my dogs to be groomed here. I think they would get a disease with the dirty conditions.


    Close to Home



  • 3. Nice people, not so clean facility

    by: meatandbones

    Although the people who work there and the owner are very nice, the facility isn't the cleanest. I was also shocked at how my dog was gone ALL DAY LONG! Why bring the dog in so early for her to sit in a crate all day long?


    nice people who care about your pet


    dirty facility, my pet is gone ALL DAY!

  • 4. Not so Clean

    by: VKiggins

    I walked in and walked out after seeing the condition of the facility. I was very used to going somewhere else but it became less convenient. After seeing this place, I will stick to my own groomer.


    Very close to home


    Not very clean