Full moon farm

P.o box 1548
Black mountain , NC 28711

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  • 1. I love FUll Moon Farm

    by: wolfdogzmatter18

    Full Moon Farm is a wolf dog rescue located in Black Mountain NC. It is my most favorite place to go to in the whole world. The animals there are truly amazing, they are so intelligent. The care they recieve is so great all of their pens are clean they always have super clean water and are fed top notch food each day by volunteers. The women who runs Full Moon Farm Nancy Brown knows everything there is to know about these animals she can tell each of their howls and barks apart, she even can tell why they are barking from the way it sounds. Yeah I know she is pretty amazing! But as much time as I have spent there I still learn something new from Nancy each time I visit the farm. I love that Nancy's main purpose is to keep these beautiful anmals safe and to educate the public about them and how to take care of them and the facts about wolf dogs not the myths that most people hear. Nancy Brown is a true inspiration to me and so are all the amazing animals that reside at Full Moon Farm.


    The animals recieve the best care they are giving lots of love.


    There are no cons about Full Moon Farm