Friendship Hospital for Animals

4105 Brandywire Street
Washington, DC 20016
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Great for Emergencies

    by: MonkeyGrrl

    When my dog injured herself at the dog park on a Saturday evening, I was grateful for Friendship Hospital for Animals. It is the only 24/7 emergency hospital in the area. In addition to the convenience of 24 hours (and regular vet appointments can be made at very odd hours of the day and night should you need to), the staff and doctors are very caring, attentive, and knowledgeable. Particularly necessary at an emergency hospital, their compassion and sensitivity are amazing (lots of bereavement occurs here). The only complaint/negative I have to report is the expense. I understand emergencies will run higher; however, even their regular veterinary services are more expensive than other vets in the area. I continue to use my regular vet for regular wellness and vaccinations (and teeth cleaning) and will only use Friendship for emergencies. [For example, teeth cleaning at my regular vet was $250. At Friendship, the same service would have cost me $400-$500].


    24 hour Emergency care, super attentive and friendly staff