Friends of mi animals rescue

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Belleville, MI 48111

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    by: SisterMoon

    I found my friend "Wilton" online; who is a special needs cat. After the first phone call to Pete, we stayed in touch by email, until I could arrange a meeting (because I live in Eastpointe). I met with them and Wilton. They were wonderful people and so understanding, patient and kind. I had already filled out the application and was approved so when it was apparent that Wilton had taken to me, we went home. He is the light of my life and I just love Pete and Marcy. If I ever decide to look for another addition to my family, I will look to them for a "wee one" that I may help.


    Just Like Family


    Couldn't find anything wrong

  • 2. Friends is great!

    by: sjwriter

    Pete and Marcy work tirelessly to keep this place running, and it shows. Their volunteers are all very dedicated, and the animals are all so healthy. It especially impresses me that they have close relationships with vets and trainers to make sure the animals are ready for families.


    a great no-kill shelter


    can't find any

  • 3. great shelter

    by: scurns

    \r\nThe cleaniest shleter i have ever been in. The staff is so friendly and they care so much about the alnimals.


    clean, friendly staff and caring



  • 4. Bestest animal rescue ever

    by: TKOEHLER

    I am proud to have The friends of michigan animal rescue as a part of our community, If the rest of the people in the world set out to do the right thing as Pete and Marcy have the whole world would be a better place !!!


    They not only rescue animals they rescue people too!!!



  • 5. Small Space, Big Heart

    by: momsie

    I have been volunteering at FMAR for just over a year. Since the very beginning I have been made to feel that I am an integral part of the organization. The dedication that the owners feel towards their animals is incredible. This has become their life mission and it is a lucky cat or dog that ends up here. If a 'forever' home can't be found outside the shelter then their 'forever' home becomes the shelter, where they will always be loved and taken care of.


    The care and dedication of the owners is without compare.


    The shelter is so well known in the area there are more animals dropped off than can be taken care of.

  • 6. Come visit FMAR!

    by: hladams45

    I am a volunteer at FMAR and I work with the cats. I have invited friends and family to come check out the shelter. My sister in-law said that she liked our shelter so much more then other shelters because we have a large social cat area, where cats live together and interact before they get adopted. The cats are not just stuck in cages. And the dogs all have kennels where they can go outside anytime they want. There is a large fenced yard for the dogs to play in. The best thing about the shelter is the caring volunteers and the people who run the shelter daily Pete and Marcy.


    No kill shelter, knowledgeable staff


    small grassroots level...could be a pro or con

  • 7. FMAR is the Best!

    by: Weezey

    I can't see myself not working with this Rescue, it's like a second home.\r\n The only reason I rated Knowlegeable staff a 4 is because we are all ways willing to learn more. There's volunteers going to first aid classes, grant writing class.ect. I learn something every time I talk to some one @FMAR.


    The peole are great to work with, Everyone puts the animals first!


    We need the funding to move into the big barn.