Friends forever humane society

966 w. rudy road
Freeport, IL 61032
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Great place who cares where pets live

    by: ekp0369

    I adopted a wonderful dog about 4 years ago. Friends Forever were careful who they adopt to because they care for the pets. While my dog was at the shelter, they gave him some training.


    I adopted a wonderful dog whom they did some training with.


    Distance from my home

  • 2. Fantastic Dog Park

    by: CritterCampMom

    Friends Forever is a wonderful humane society facility caring for many dogs and cats, trying to find appropriate homes for them.\r\nThey also ahve a nationally recognized off leash dog park. It is a wonderful asset to a small rural area such as north-west Illinois.\r\n


    Amazing Dog Park


    Full with cats

  • 3. unfriendly

    by: tinkywinky

    This shelter is run by an ogre of a woman who really does not want to adopt any animals - it is sad because they have alot of nice volunteers, but this ogre casts such a rotten shadow on the good works of others - she rejects potential adopters for no specific reason - is very rude to the general public - I think I would look elsewhere to adopt than deal with this staff


    nice animals