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Dearborn, MI 48121
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User Reviews (29)

  • 1. Friends - perfect name

    by: dgregori

    The things this organization could do if they had the room and newer things to work with would be even more awesome!


    Staff, both paid and volunteer REALLY enjoy what they do!


    Shelter too small and old

  • 2. Found our Best Friend!

    by: Ybaker

    Our pet, Kylee, found us while waiting at the Dearborn Shelter. The staff did everything possible so that we could take Kylee home the same day we fell in love with her. They provided us with as much history as they could on her, as well as her likes and dis-likes. The animals at the shelter are very well taken care of.


    Very Friendly Staff


    Needs update!!

  • 3. Found our perfect companion here!

    by: linkinparker

    My boyfriend and I visited this shelter after seeing them on The shelter volunteers were friendly and knowledgeable on our first visit and made us feel at ease. Neelo is a gray cat and he made us melt when we played with him there. When we decided we wanted him, we filled out the papers in the entrance area, which is small and cluttered. We got approved three days later and we both rushed after work to get him. A volunteer went over the paperwork with us pretty thoroughly and went to get Neelo. She came back and his box was empty. He got sent to PetSmart for adoption from there. It really irritated me that we had to drive further out of our way when someone should have just marked his cage as pending. In the end, we got him and now he's home and loves us. The shelter is clean and humane.


    neat, clean, friendly, good selection


    sent pending adoption to PetSmart

  • 4. How Vista became Zoey

    by: xylophonist

    I used to volunteer at the Dearborn Animal Shelter every other saturday when I was 14 years old. At that time I was currently dogless. I basically wanted every dog that came into the shelter, but none were sincere. One Saturday Morning I went to the shelter to find out that a new puppy had arrived. Her named was Vista and she was very adorable. I spent the whole day with her and she grew on me; and took a liking to me also. Every time I would walk by her cage, sleeping or not, she would get up to greet me. It was almost time for me to go home, so before my mom picked me up, I quickly rushed out with Vista on a leash to make it seem like I was already walking her. My mom liked her very much but there was one problem, she was too young yet and she wasn't available for adoption until the next Wednesday. The other problem was that she was available at noon, and I had school to go to. It just so happened that on that Wednesday, I had a half day of school, getting out at 11:00 am. I was soo excited, we drove to the animal shelter quickly. We got there and I went to go show my Dad Vista, but she was gone. I looked over and over again, I even started looking for a different dog! With tears in my eyes I went to the last room, the puppy room. I opened the door and there was Vista sitting up to greet me. I was soo happy but confused because Vista, puppy or not, was not that small. But I didn't care, I found her! We went to the front and filled out the application for her, then they said, "Ok, you know how an auction works? The bidding will start at $140" My jaw dropped, my Dad isn't an animal lover, especially not one to keep raising an amount for a dog. He told me to pretend to cry to make the other person feel bad, but he didn't have to, I lost hope and cried on my own. The other person decided to drop out and let us have Vista. I was soo happy. She is now Zoey and follows me everywhere. We have had her for 6 years. And she is as cute and as perfect as can be!


    Loveable staff, Animals are well-taken care of



  • 5. Friends for animals

    by: tamray22

    These are great people... They do so much for so little given back. Everyone should go check them out!!!!!


    Extremely caring people



  • 6. Extra hard working peoplke here.

    by: indy99

    These folks try so hard to help every animal that comes into the shelter. They temprament test every animal sometimes multiple times just to make sure. All of the animals are well fed and have clean cages. They also have a wonderful foster program to help socialize animals.


    Excellent animal care and attitude


    Can be hard to find.

  • 7. Wonderful Shelter

    by: BreeCat

    I love this shelter. The staff are exceptional people who truly care about these animals. I'm a cat person and I am so impressed with the way the cats are socialized - 99% of the cats greet you when you walk in the room, they all want to be petted. As many times as I've been there, I don't think I've ever come across a cat that was scared of people. The rooms are clean, the staff is knowledgable and very caring of their "children". I will continue to recommend this shelter to anyone who will listen!!!!


    Caring staff


    Not enough room for all the unwanted pets

  • 8. Great Place!

    by: SpoiledPrinc3ss

    This place is great! The animals are all kept as happy as possible. The staff is very attentive and always polite. They do the very best they can to find these animals a great home. I have adopted a cat from there, and I plan to adopt again soon!!\r\n


    Happy animals, Great staff


    Too small

  • 9. They truely care

    by: danikay84

    The workers truely do care. So many times you hear of pets being adopted, but no one ever checks up on them. 6 days after adopting our family pup, Dozer, I received a check up call. They were worried that he may have fallen ill because his sister did. It was great to realize that there are others out there who do care about animals. I was touched. And as for atmosphere, even though it is a very small facility, they help as many animals as they can and with the cleanest facility possible. The amount of volunteers that turned out was amazing. There was a volunteer for each animal, in order to give each dog the attention it deserved. It's an all around great place.




    Need a bigger parking lot and building

  • 10. The possibilities are endless

    by: Cindy333

    This shelter is amazing in so many ways. The staff are highly educated in all areas of animal care, extremely motivated to consistanly provide the highest quality of care possible to each animal that comes through their doors and they do it in a space that they have outgrown very long ago. The work they do for the animals comes from the heart. I can only emagine how much more they could accomlish if only the had the adequate space they desperately need and deserve!!


    Compassionate, knowledgeable,hard working staff


    Inadequate working conditions

  • 11. Poodles Rock--If You Don't Know That Already

    by: ccpowers

    I found Lebowski (Shelter name Bradley) a month after my other minature poodle died during surgery (an unexpected siezure he couldn't come out of). In the midst of my sadness, this beautiful brown/black poodle shows up on the DAS website and, get this, he doesn't have a home yet! I couldn't believe it. I rushed down and we got to know each other, and, well, it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Lebowski (aka the Dude) is a great, playful, smart companion. He rocks!


    Hard working staff, great adoption protocol


    Small area--we need a bigger or better shelter

  • 12. I love the Dearborn Animal Shelter!

    by: mmsog20

    The Dearborn Animal Shelter is a place dear to my heart. I recently adopted a pomerian from the shelter whom I named Hank. The staff at the shelter are kind, courteous, and have a great love for their work and the animals. I will always go back there to help the animals.


    Intelligent staff, friendly and eager to anwser any questions.


    Merely that they are need of more space.

  • 13. :)

    by: Maryann2011

    The Friend at Dearborn Animal Shelter is so fun to voulenteer at. There are great staff members there that are nice to you. They Care about your safety when your there also


    The nice staff and voulenteers



  • 14. Dedicated animal lovers

    by: teeny97

    Originally I went into the Dearborn Animal Shelter because I lived nearby and wanted to volunteer somewhere with animals, to get out of the house. I unexpectedly found a great big friendly community of animal lovers, very welcoming, knowledgeable, and dedicated to placing all the animals at the shelter into loving, responsible homes. \r\nI quickly became a volunteer, and was amazed and constantly gratified by the appreciation I received from staff and volunteers alike for any help I could give. They are grateful for even the smallest thing, and make giving easy. I don't make a lot of money, but my respect for this shelter is so high that I've dedicated a monthly donation to help them out a little.\r\nThe Friends have truly done an amazing job - from the beginning, they have had the animals' welfare first and foremost in their minds.


    Welcoming, dedicated animal caretakers


    29 miles away from where I live

  • 15. Great Shelter

    by: mimiinblue

    The staff and volunteers are wonderful, they go out of their way for the animals,and they strive to make all of them adoptable. The animals are well cared for. The staff goes out of their way to provide training and socialization for the dogs.


    caring people


    small facility

  • 16. One amazing shelter

    by: DawnHalash

    Dearborn Animal Shelter is wonderful, the care the animals receive is great ,lots of toys for the kittens in cages,they all seem happy. This shelter cares so much for there animals they have brought in trailers for the cats, the cats roam free in the trailers( Cat Centers) there are alot of cat trees for the animals to play on ,in fact one lady I talked to came to the shelter to adopt a kitten but after seeing the cats and the Cat Centers adpoted two adult cats instead. Wouldn't it be great if instead of being in trailers the Cat Centers could be in the same buliding in the animal shelter.I pray they do build there new center and I hope the Dearborn animal shelter wins the million they deserve it.


    The staff truly care about the animals in there care


    The facility is old and needs better air circulation

  • 17. I was adopted from DAS

    by: lemmebang69

    I was adopted from the DAS! My stay was short, because my Mom found me REAL quick! The people were nice...but those stupid dogs were super loud!!


    Good People...


    Loud Animals...

  • 18. Great Organization...

    by: robprpich

    Great place to adopt an animal. Lowest fees around!


    Works hard for the animals...


    None that I can think of

  • 19. FAB!

    by: ELMOsmb

    FABULOUS organization!!! Would adopt from again!





  • 20. They are there for the animals!

    by: AnnBanan

    This shelter has a fantastic bunch of people working their hearts out for very little pay. They do this each and every day for the animals that are in their care. Every dog, cat, or unusal animal that enters their building is taken care of to the best of their abilities. This shelter is one of the few that doesn't automatically euthanize the pit bull dogs, bravo to them. They also have a group of devoted volunteers that strive to make it a better place. My hat is off to all of you.


    They have a great staff.


    The space is limited due to size.

  • 21. I Really Love This Place

    by: mne2009

    I have been a volunteer at the Dearborn Animal Shelter since July 2008. I really enjoy going to see the animals and helping out as much as i can. There's always something to do and it's good to know that I helped an animal find a happy home with a loving family.


    The staff is extreamly helpful and they adopt out dozens of cats and dogs every month.


    The shelter could be a little more colorful and a little more exciting.

  • 22. wonderful "Friends" to all the pets

    by: Anarassa

    7 years ago I adopted both of my kitties from them. They are very warm and caring towards the animals. There staff is wonderful and you can tell they REALLY care about the critters welfare.


    They are very caring towards all the animals.


    They are in desperate need of more room.

  • 23. I love the FFDAS!!!

    by: tickertat

    I have been volunteering for the Friends for the Dearborn Animal shelter for a little over a year now. This shelter is the most compassionate that I have ever seen. I am a 1st year Veterinary Tech student and I often have to go to a variety of shelters. I find many of them deplorable! They euthanize anything that so much as sneezes! We work very hard to keep every animal that comes through the door.\n\nWe just need more room!!


    Wonderful Staff and volunteers. The Animals are worked with on a routine basis and in many cases spend a 1 or more until they find their forever home!


    Needs new facility! There are certain medical procedures that require more room. The exam room is currently as big as a closet!

  • 24. DAS

    by: lameasscatlady

    I have been a volunteer for FFDAS for 5 years. Times are tough...but we still manage to save animals every day!


    TONS of animals to choose from...


    TONS of animals...

  • 25. Great place

    by: rache12581

    They have very caring volunteers who also put on fun event fundraisers that my dog & I enjoy partisipating in.


    Great staff



  • 26. Great Shelter

    by: Roxymimi

    I've been a Volunteer for the "Friends" since December 2006. The Staff do the best they can to help all the Animals that come into their care. They are a Non-Profit organization, They Adopt out Bully Breeds(like Pit bulls) while most other Shelters will just Put them to sleep.


    Great Staff and Volunteers


    Small Shelter

  • 27. Giving Animals a 2nd Chance

    by: nickel3691

    The Friends For The Dearborn Animal Shelter is a nonprofit animal welfare organization full of dedicated staff and volunteers. We are one of the only area organizations that adopt out bully breeds. My name Is Nick B. and I have been volunteering since I was 12 years old (August of 2003) and would not go back and change anything. This year alone I have dedicated over 900 hours to this organization. Since I was 12 and began I have given over 2,000 hours of my life to this group. And now I am an Office Assistant there. I could not imagine working/volunteering for any other group!


    Dedicated Staff, Dedicated Volunteers, Doners, Very educated staff and Volunteers


    Small Building, Not enough funding for new shelter fund.

  • 28. Tons of love here!

    by: Dampiera

    I've volunteered here since early Spring 2007 and I've met SO many dedicated people, both staff AND volunteers, who truly love these animals. I'm continually impressed by the number of people who voluntarily spend time washing dishes, doing laundry and just showing these unloved creatures that humans aren't ALL unkind. It's the people, not the facility, that I find most inspirational.


    Dedicated volunteers and staff



  • 29. The Shelter

    by: Cszkut

    There is a great staff that does the best they can to keep the place clean, and satisfy possible adopters. Things get tough like any other shelter knows, but the staff works together and gets things done.


    Staff tries the best to help you find the animal for you, fast adoptions


    Too many animals not enough space