Friends for life animal sanctuary

143 west vaughn avenue
Gilbert, AZ 85233
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. No Kill is the Key

    by: luvhuskies

    All shelters should be no kill shelters. It makes me sick the places that kill innocent animals for no good reason. Support the no kill philosophy.


    no kill


    too small to get a lot of support

  • 2. service

    by: punkgirl08since89

    i went there looking to adopt a cat because someone that worked at petco told me to try there well i got there and the place smelled so bad and there were no cats on site. well i had tried calling multiple times before i drove over there and no one ever answered so needless to say i was not impressed at all


    i couldnt find one


    smell and staff

  • 3. Caring, professional volunteers!

    by: babyfishmouth

    Friends for Life is a wonderful no-kill shelter run by volunteers. I am very impressed with the volunteers they have - they are so caring, compassionate and are completely dedicated to the animals. They do a wonderful job of matching prospective pet adopters with the right animal. Most of the animals go into foster homes before adoption, so adopters can get plenty of info on the animal's temperment and behavioral and housebreaking issues. I highly recommend this shelter!


    Volunteers foster the animals before adoption


    No animal turn-ins here, rescues only