Friends for animals - humane society of burke county

417 kirksey drive
Morganton, NC 28655
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User Reviews (9)

  • 1. Great People!

    by: jensig

    I went with a friend to adopt a pet from this shelter about 2 years ago. Everybody we talked with seemed very concerned about the well-being of the pets and their care after adoption. My friend has been extremely pleased with the new "baby" she brought home!


    Great People and Pets


    Not any I know of

  • 2. I got my Jethro from here!

    by: twbigdogsgirl

    I love what BCFFA is doing. I got my dog from them about a month or so ago during the Science Diet pet drive. I just love my Jethro. They have an over abundance of animals there and need more room for them all. They also need more staff/volunteers. They are trying to pass some new rules about pet ownership in Burke County, some good and some bad.


    Great amount of animals to choose from


    Too many animals, not enough staff

  • 3. No Kill

    by: jduchette

    There is so much devotion at places like this. They all need help to expand their services. \r\n\r\nI wish that all animals could be so lucky to have help like this. We have so much power to help. I am so happy that no kill shelters are out there. \r\n\r\nI wish more people would look into a no kill shelter for a pet or any shelter for a pet before going to a pet store!


    no kill



  • 4. Sounds Great

    by: lambrhondal

    It sounds like this shelter lives up to its name, Friends for the Animals. It is always great to hear about shelters that truly do care about the animals. So often, it is just a job and doing the community service by killing the impounded ones.


    Good care for animals



  • 5. Lucky to have a No Kill Shelter in our area

    by: jkrepp1

    When I moved to this area about 5 years ago, I had adopted a dog from a rescue group in Phoenix AZ. My dog passed after 6 years, and I decided to adopt from another rescue group. I was so lucky to find we had a wonderful No Kill Shelter in my area. I have adopted several animals through BCFFA and I am so thankful each and every day.


    No Kill!!


    Need more room......

  • 6. A fantastic shelter

    by: kedoran

    This is an amazing facility. The animals are lucky to have BCFFA, the staff and volunteers work dilligently to provide the best home possible for every cat, dog, bird, rodent, and occasionally pig that comes through the doors. There are so many animals housed in the facility that it can be difficult to make a decision. It's impressive how clean the place is, especially when you look and see how many animals live there!


    Very clean, knowledgeable staff, well cared for animals


    too many animals to pick just one

  • 7. Thank you for helping me find Charlie.

    by: terrilee

    I walked in and seen my dog that has been missing for some time and we thought all hope was gone and out of the blue, I heard a bark that I knew like my own name. Charlie was in a kennel next to the one we were looking at when I heard him. I opened the kennel and he jumped right in my arms and held on tight. I was so amazed that after all this time he was reunited with us. He was just brought in to the shelter and was placed into a kennel of his own until the vet. could give him care that was desparately needed.\r\n I will always remember that memorable day.\r\nThank You, BCFFA


    these people helped me bring my dog home.


    nothing negative to say.

  • 8. They know what the animals need and want.

    by: TeresaD

    The first time I visited BCFFA I was amazed with the people and the care they gave the animals. They are didicated in saving and placing the animals in great homes.


    they only adopt out the animals to good homes.


    don't have the money or resources to save them all.

  • 9. A place to be safe

    by: tonid

    Bcffa has been around or ten years now and still provides the comminty with adoptable pets. Ther is always a friendly face and a welcoming environment. They currently rescue about 1500 dogs a year.


    clean and inviting


    it is sad that it is always so full