Frick Park Off Leash Exercise Area

Nicholson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

User Reviews (8)

  • 1. Frick walk

    by: NibblersMom

    Everyone here was so nice, we had never been here before and asked a very nice guy where the dog area was and him and his dogs walked us there, regardless of what people say there is a fenced in area, there's one fenced, one not fenced, off leash and on leash trails, but you almost have to take someone with you who knows the park, because finding it is the hard part, NIbbler is as fast as a bullet, so he needs to either be fenced in or on-leash and this was a good place for him, most dogs were not on leash though, so far this is my 2nd favorite place to walk Nibbler in Pittsburgh


    Lots of trails, friendly dogs, nice people


    The maps are hard to understand where to take your dog & park if it's your 1st time there

  • 2. They should add a fence

    by: LAMBSN

    This is a nice place although there is no fence. Some dogs could go here if they listen well but we do not go here that often. When we do, we tend to keep our dog on a leash so that they will not run into the woods.


    Nice location


    Needs a fence

  • 3. no fence??

    by: CathyBeaver

    i dont hink i'd be able to take my dog there. although she listens well, i would hate for there to be the one time that she didnt and i couldnt\r\n find her


    good idea


    no fence bad idea

  • 4. Convenient to where I live, but I am afraid of the traffic!

    by: AnneM

    This park is only a few miles from my home, but when I checked it out, I was disappointed that there is no enclosure to keep dogs from getting out into traffic. I would need to have an intense training program with my dogs before I could trust that they would not venture out into the heavily travelled street. It is beautiful though, and a welcome addition to the City of Pittsburgh. The people who have well-trained dogs seem to enjoy it very much. The dog poop was non-existent, and I saw no aggression or problems with the dogs that were there.


    People who don't have yards can really benefit from this park.


    It doesn't keep dogs from running into the very busy city street nearby.

  • 5. Nice park, but fence is needed

    by: SueZQ

    I heard a lot about this park, so I took my mom's dog there. He listens well, so was OK off leash, but if you dog likes to run, not a good idea, since it isn't totally fenced. Not a true dog park, per se.


    beautiful park


    needs more fencing

  • 6. Not our favorite place

    by: LiamD

    We went here once but when we saw that the entire area was not fenced in, we did not stay long. We didn't want to have to go in woods to chase our dog so we decided to go elsewhere. Too bad it is not completely fenced in.


    Nice area


    Not all fenced in

  • 7. Nice idea, but not safe

    by: LaurenS

    Frick Park in the Squirrel Hill area is a beautiful park in the middle of Pittsburghs university/cultural districts. To get to the off leash area, it's a bit of a journey, and then you get there and, well, it's just not safe really. It isn't fully enclosed, and even though my dog is very well trained and the park is large, it is just too near city traffic to be safe for most dogs. My dog does enjoy it there, but I can just see disaster if a squirrel were to catch her attention, so I take her to other parks that are much closer to where I live and are more rural and safe.


    Frick Park is beautiful


    bit of a hike to get there

  • 8. Not fully fenced!

    by: RichStoops

    We drove out to take our dogs to this park and were very disappointed to discover that one whole long side of the park is completely unfenced. We didn't dare leave our guys off leash and ended up making the trip essentially for nothing, except for the long walk it took to get to the dog area. Also a negative were the large number of off leash dogs wandering the entire park. Not all dogs are comfortable having strange dogs fly up in their face and that is exactly what happened throughout our time there. We now go to the South Park off leash area instead.


    None, really


    It is not fully fenced, hard to get to