Fossil Creek Dog Park

5821 South Lemay Avenue
Fort Collins, CO

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Good place

    by: Moondream

    I went twice and it was not as crowded as other parks so I liked it


    Not crowded



  • 2. Nice park

    by: Elineen

    It's a nice park for dogs in a good location.




    nothing really

  • 3. it's alright

    by: ChanelFOCO

    This is the only dog part my dog has walked away from limping. She loves going to a dog park no matter where it is or who's there, but I prefer to stay away from the fussy dogs who act just as rudely as their owners.


    it's a nice location


    there are too many fussy dogs with fussy owners

  • 4. OK, but not the best

    by: KipperSnack1

    This is not a bad place when there are only a few dogs and people. When it is crowded you have more people not watching that their dogs are behaving and less willingness on the owner's part to correct dogs. People almost never latch the gates and pay little attention to other people's dogs that might escape. There are actually quite a few self involved people there that I just don't take my dogs anymore unless it is nearly empty. \r\n


    Small area for shy, small dogs,


    People not watching dog's behavior, leaving gate open

  • 5. good park depending on the time of day

    by: rescueadog

    No my favorite during peak hours. I love it when it is not too crowded. During peak hours it tends to be crowded with people who are distracted by their kids and not watching their dogs or visa versa. I also don't think some people understand the point of the double gate system here.


    less muddy than others


    gates, peoples manners